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Looking for top quality braces? BioSkin braces ensure a painless recovery from injury, preventing injuries and improving performance. The BioSkin brand is active in the world of medical and sports worldwide. In addition to BioSkin, the brace specialist offers other A-brand braces!

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BioSkin braces reduce pain and improve performance

BioSkin braces are there for recovery, injury prevention or performance improvement. An investigation has shown that compression is a very powerful tool when it comes to recovering from an injury or injury. In addition, compression can also improve sports performance. If compression is applied correctly, better blood circulation will occur. This ensures that the brace is moved safer and faster. For example, TriLok ankle brace is a simple and effective solution to relieve pain in the event of symptoms such as PTTD and plantar fasciitis. In addition, it provides protection against sprains or sprains of the ankle.

Bioskin brace materials

Bioskin braces are designed for sports medicine and orthopaedics. They are made of a breathable hypoallergenic substance, which vaporizes perspiration. Apart from not being restricted with activities, this fabric also provides sufficient compression. Thanks to the unique and patented BioSkin material, the compression is possible.

BioSkin’s triple layer structure improves comfort and portability. The layers are made of Lycra with a polyurethane “SmartSkin” membrane in the middle. This ensures a thick and strong material of only 1.05 mm. In addition, the materials are light weight and water repellent. Thanks to the non-slip function, the brace stays in place during active operations.

Bioskin ankle brace is now available from the Brace Specialist

The ankle braces of BioSkin can now be found at the Brace Specialist! BioSkin ankle braces provide compression and mechanistic support to the ankle joints. This means that movements that can negatively affect the joints are restricted. The necessary movement pattern is not affected. Wearing an ankle brace will reduce pain and speed up the recovery process. This is all done without limiting daily activities.

The best ankle brace is the BioSkin Trilok!

The BioSkin ankle brace consists of two models. These are the standard single brace and the BioSkin Trilok ankle brace. The TriLok ankle brace helps to relieve pain in a simple and effective way with symptoms such as PTTD and plantar fasciitis. In addition, it provides protection against sprains or sprains of the ankle.

Bioskin reviews from our customers

The opinion of our customers about our braces is very important to us. Our goal is to provide the right solution to the customer and leave them with positive experiences. In addition to the functional value, Bioskin’s braces provide a lot of extra possibilities. They help to repair, prevent injury and improve performance. The extra value is to enable new actions. Think of smooth movements in the joints. In addition, it accelerates the process of recovery. In the BioSkin reviews our customers share their experience with the BioSkin brace.

Bioskin knee brace is now available from the Brace Specialist

The knee braces of BioSkin can be found at the Brace Specialist! BioSkin knee braces are worn to support the knee. A brace soothes the pain that arises after overloading or overs stretching. The knee brace prevents movements that can negatively affect the joint. Because a knee brace provides restraint and protection, you can walk during a knee injury. The compression provided by the knee brace will speed up the recovery process and reduce pain complaints.

Bioskin braces advised by doctors

Aaron Calodney
Texas Spine & Joint Hospital

I only prescribe BioSkin products to my patients. Each brace works exceptionally well and is carefully designed so that it can be worn comfortably all day long. As a result, my patients wear them and recover faster! Thanks BioSkin!