BioSkin thumbbraces

Always had the desire to have pain-free thumbs at any time of the day? Then the BioSkin thumb brace is the product that can help you! BioSkin thumb braces provide support for pain in the thumb joint. In addition, unnecessary movements are limited and ensures a quick recovery. BioSkin products are top quality and are made from the best materials. Cure pain-free from injuries and make exercise easier with BioSkin braces!

Top quality thumbbraces

BioSkin thumb braces are considered the best quality products within their product category. BioSkin’s thumb braces provide the necessary support to the affected thumb joints. Wearing the thumb brace causes joints to be restricted in making unsafe movements. This allows the joints to recover easily and pain symptoms decrease. In addition, they provide the right protection which ensures enough rest on the thumb. The thumb braces are available for both hands. Thumb brace left for the left-handed hand and thumb brace right for the right-handed hand.

Bioskin thumbbraces osteoarthritis

BioSkin’s thumb braces offer the right solution for many different joint complaints. So does the joint disorder osteoarthritis. There is osteoarthritis when wear and tear occurs in the joint cartilage in the thumb. This also applies to basic joint in the thumb. The result is an accumulation of joint complaints. Think of loss of strength, stiffening, pain, swelling and deformation. BioSkin thumb braces supports the thumb in the best way that reduces and prevents joint complaints. The compression in the thumb brace provides protection and reduction of pain. So the thumb braces make it possible to make actions with the thumb.

Bioskin thumb braces for athletes

BioSkin thumb braces work very well as a support tool during exercise. Especially in sports where hands are used, the thumb braces are very effective. Think of sports such as volleyball, hockey and handball. However, you get the idea that the hands can become clammy or moist while using the thumb brace. However, the thumb braces prevent this problem because they are moisture-absorbing and position-retaining.

Buy thumbbraces from BioSkin

Would you like to buy the thumbbraces? We offer two models for this. These are the BioSkin wrist/thumb brace spica and the BioSkin thumb brace thumb spica. The BioSkin wrist/thumb brace spica is made to stabilize the movement in the thumb. In doing so, painful movements are softened as well as possible. The BioSkin thumb brace thumb spica has been developed for repairing thumb injuries and relieving pain. Thanks to the ultra-soft micro-fleece material and the aluminium support, this is possible. You can buy the thumbbraces through our webshop. Here you can give preference in the model and size.