BioSkin WristBraces

Looking for the best quality wrist braces? Then the brace specialist offers the right solution for this! BioSkin’s wrist braces give compression to the joints. This ensures better circulation and relief of pain in the wrists. BioSkin products are top quality and are made from the best materials. Cure pain-free from injuries and make exercise easier with BioSkin braces!

Top quality wristbraces

Wrist braces are worn for wrist complaints, which is unfortunately a common complaint. Fortunately, the BioSkin wrist braces solve all these complaints. A wrist brace provides compression to the joints. This creates stabilization, which in turn reduces pain. In addition, there is no restriction on daily activities. Whether it’s the left or right wrist doesn’t matter to BioSkin’s wristbraces. Both the wrist brace on the left and the wrist brace on the right are available from the brace specialist. A wrist brace can be worn among others in case of hypermobility, Carpaal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.

BioSkin wrist braces for athletes

Wrist braces are widely used during exercise. Virtually all sports that are practiced with the wrist can damage the wrist joint. BioSkin wrist braces provide support to the wrist joints, reducing the risk of a wrist fracture or other injury. It also reduces the risk of damage and wear to the joints. Especially in sports such as tennis, decathlon, gymnastics, fitness and volleyball, the risk of a wrist fracture or similar injury is high. Wearing BioSkin’s wrist brace while exercising is definitely recommended. This can prevent injuries and improve performance.

Wrist brace with splint from BioSkin

A wrist brace with splint is designed to support the wrist joint, without the hand function suffering. The wrist brace of BioSkin that falls below, is the the BioSkin wrist brace DP2. This wrist brace with splint is designed to be the most comfortable and functional wrist brace. The wrist brace has removable and adjustable splints, both on the hand back and on the palm side to make it as comfortable as possible. The special fabric also keeps the wrist cool and dry. The supporting top and bottom can also be adapted to any fit. The wrist brace with splint immobilizes and relieves the pain in a comfortable manner. In addition, wearing this wrist brace can prevent injuries, for example during a participation in a risky activity. The BioSkin wrist brace DP2 is available in three different sizes and can be easily applied with one hand.

BioSkin Polsbrace carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a complaint that arises from a nerve entrapment in the middle of the arm. The result is a painful sensation in the palm and fingers, which can result in loss of strength. BioSkin’s wrist brace can be seen as a wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome. It stabilizes the wrist, reducing symptoms and preventing operations. A study by the VU Medical Center shows that 62% of people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome for less than a year have experienced a sharp improvement in their symptoms after wearing a wrist brace at night.

Buy wrist braces from BioSkin

Want to buy BioSkin wrist braces? We offer two models for this. These are the BioSkin wrist brace DP2 and the BioSkin wrist brace Boomerang Wrist Wrap. The BioSkin wrist brace DP2 is a wrist brace with splint making it very functional and comfortable. In addition, this wrist brace has a special fabric that keeps the wrist cool and dry at any time of use. The BioSkin wrist brace Boomerang Wrist Wrap is a simple compression brace. This is used for minor complaints or for extra protection. You can buy the wrist braces through our webshop. Here you can give preference in the model and size.