Darco, the number one in medical shoes

Darco is an internationally leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and shoes. The brand is known for its medical shoes, but Darco can also be used for other orthopedic solutions. Darco develops its products in collaboration with medical specialists in the field of physiotherapy and sports medicine.

What does the Darco range consist of?

Darco offers a wide range of orthopaedic aids. Think of bandage shoes, plaster shoes and walkers. You can contact Brace specialist for expert advice on the entire Darco range.

When do I need bandage shoes?

If you have had surgery on your feet and they are still in the bandage or if you cannot wear shoes due to edema (with the threat of wounds), bandage shoes are an ideal solution. Bandage shoes is a collective name for different types of temporary shoes, which are often used on the foot after surgery or medical treatment. This concerns ready-to-wear dressing shoes, which are available in different versions: for example, in different widths and height sizes. It can also be special versions with ‘floating’ toes or cutouts for the heel.

A closed or open bandage shoe

Darco supplies shoes that can be used universally, but there are different between an open or closed dressing shoe. The difference in these shoes determines whether the shoes are for indoor or outdoor use. A closed bandage shoe provides additional protection and compression. The shoe has an anti-slip sole and is therefore suitable for outdoor use.

Darco-allround shoe

What can a plaster shoe be used for?

A plaster shoe makes wearing running plaster comfortable. The ultra-light shoe with comfortable fit ensures that the foot gets what it desires without you noticing. In addition, the shoe is pulled over the plaster so that it has an ‘extra protective layer.’ In addition, you can decide for yourself in which situations it is used due to the easy pull-on and pull-out system and the adaptability. The plaster shoe is used for both running and foot injuries. Think of whipping, a meniscus injury or a cruciate ligament injury.

What is a walker and when do I need it?

A walker ensures that your ankle/leg remains in the correct position. Your doctor will advise you for what period you should use a walker. The walker is intended for all standing and running moments. This orthopedic device stabilizes and protects the lower leg, ankle and foot. A walker is meant to make it easier, for example, to shower, do exercises or take care of any wound.

With which injuries can Darco be used?

Due to the extensive range, Darco can be used for common injuries. Darco can be used for both running injuries and foot injuries. Darco can also be used for common complaints, such as a hamstring injury or one of the other injuries mentioned above. Below you will find an explanation of Darco and the most common injuries.

Ideal to use at Hallux Valgus

With the special Darco shoes for Hallux Valgus it is super easy to support your forefoot as well as possible. The special Darco Orthowedge series of medical shoes ensure that you no longer rest on the front of the foot when you are sitting or standing. This shoe is specially made for either your left or your right foot.

Darco and diabetes

Due to the wide Darco range, it is possible to choose the medical shoe Darco Relief Dual. These medical shoes provide stability, shock and pressure distribution after operations on the foot so that the foot can recover faster. It is also a shoe that helps in getting diabetes wounds to recover. The shoe has a double sole technique and can be worn both left and right.

Can Darco be used for hammer toes?

Yes! The Darco Orthowedge series is best suited to use in the injury hammer toes. From the series Orthowedge is Pediatric is suitable to use as a forefoot-relieving shoe in children, in the postoperative treatment of Hallux Valgus, hammer toes or other forefoot problems. Furthermore, the shoe can also be used in the defecation of forefoot ulcers. The shoe has been specifically developed to protect the forefoot, by removing most of the pressure from the forefoot during the cycle of walking.

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