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Pro Orthic is part of Lomed Nederland BV, a company that has been a reliable partner for high quality for more than 30 years. Pro Orthic street corporate social responsibility and is committed to people, the environment and society.

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Why Pro Orthic?

Thanks to the high degree of sustainability in the production of the medical devices and a good price-quality ratio, a worthy partnership remains. In addition, the range with extensive product descriptions and manuals per product is available. For example, the size can always be measured well, it is easy to determine which brace fits which complaint and you see different product and lifestyle photos to get a good picture of the product.

What can Pro Orthic do for you?

Pro Orthic is not only available for the business market. You can also use our high quality products. We offer a solution for every complaint, so that we can be of service to everyone, including you. In the Range of Pro Orthic you will find various sustainably produced products such as braces, bandages and splints. These are produced in collaboration with our experts, with the aim of helping you optimally in your recovery.

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With which injuries can Pro Orthic be used?

Pro Orthic focuses on the sustainable production of its products. Pro Orthic has a very extensive range. The Range of Pro Orthic includes braces, bandages and splints. Because Pro Orthic has a wide range of products, Pro Orthic can be used for almost every injuryDo you suffer from an injury such as Triggerfinger? Then you can use a finger splint.


Cooperation with hospitals

Pro-Orthic is a brand that is widely used in Dutch hospitals. We have been supplying medical devices to our hospital partners for many years. From knee braces to elbow bandages and finger splints. Thanks to the high degree of sustainability in the production of our medical devices, we can maintain the worthy partnership.

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Pro-Orthic goes for recovery

At Brace specialist we find it very important that a patient recovers from an injury as efficiently and comfortably as possible. That is why every brace is designed and tested with care. Our experts work carefully with the design and design of a brace after they have gained information about the wishes of the patients.

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Order Pro Orthic? The Brace Specialist is happy to help you!

Would you like to order Pro Orthic online? That’s possible with the Brace Specialist! We have the complete Pro Orthic range. You can buy your braces with expert advice via our webshop!