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Push Braces takes on the challenge of freedom of movement on a daily basis. In this way, they are constantly pushing the boundaries to increase the loadability of the human musculoskeletal system.

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What makes Push Braces so special?

Together with scientists and medics, Push developed solutions to the quality of life. All braces are thoroughly tested. Freedom of movement also includes comfort and convenience. The braces are made with new materials that offer optimal support, are easy to lay and sit like cast! In addition, particular attention has been paid to the design of the braces.

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Push Care braces are specially designed for patients with a minor injury or condition where freedom of movement is limited. The Care Push braces provide pain relief and a better sense of stability. This is possible due to the adjustable pressure around the joint. Thanks to the pain relief and improved stability feeling, the use of the braces is carefree. Each brace contains high levels of effectiveness, comfort and quality.

The Push Care Ankle Brace in developed to provide compression around the ankle joint. This improves the feeling of stability in the joint. The compression is individually adjustable. The ankle brace features an excellent fit that fits virtually any shoe. 

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Push Med braces offer a solution during treatment and prevention of a joint injury. This is done thanks to the right combination of pressure and support. Push Med braces increase the physical loadability of the joint. A good fit and a proper balance in mechanical support and adjustable pressure allow treatment and prevention of injury. Thanks to Push Med, the pain is relieved, which increases the physical loadability of the joint.

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The Push Ortho braces are designed as a solution for (chronic) conditions and severely reducing joint effects. These are the sturdiest braces from Push’s range. During the wearing of these braces, both optimal support and stabilization are provided.

In case of a condition or loss of function, the correct mechanical support of the musculoskeletal system is very important. Push Ortho plays a major role in the field of reposition and stabilization, which compensates for loss of function.

The Push Ortho Thumbbrace CMC is designed to stabilize the base joint of the thumb. In addition, the thumb is positioned in a functional position. The brace is easy to build thanks to the rounded edges that also provide optimal wearing comfort. The material is antimicrobial and can get wet without any problems and then dried off.