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Make healthy and safe exercise easy again.

Push Sport braces are specially designed to give the user back control of his sport. The braces can be used for injuries, prevention or overload. The Push Sports braces have been developed by a team of specialists in collaboration with athletes and sports professionals. The braces are wear comfortable and are ultra thin. This allows the braces to be easily worn under the sports clothing. Push Sports braces provide good joint support, and stay on the spot while exercising. This is partly due to the anti slip material that is incorporated into the braces.

Push Sports gives a free feeling

At Push Sports, freedom of movement is central, that’s what the braces have to offer. This is achieved by supporting the injured joint in case of injury-prone movements. Like the Push Sports Thumbbrace. This brace features a cap and an effective band system that stabilizes the affected thumb joint. Dorsal and palm air flexibility in the wrist joints are also limited. Push Sports braces provide stabilization where necessary without imposing movement restrictions. The Push Sport braces are excellent tools to increase the loadability of the body.

Comfort and convenience

To give the user a certain feeling while wearing the Push Sports line, the braces have an excellent fit. Non-slip material is also used where it is needed. This ensures that the brace is in place even while exercising. The braces are made of an air permeable material so that the brace does not feel sweaty. All these aspects make free and secure movement possible, and also comfortable.

When can Push Sports braces be used?


An athlete wants to get rid of his injury as soon as possible and return to the track or field. A sports brace is the ideal tool, in consultation with a doctor or other healthcare professional of course.


Wearing a brace while exercising is the most effective prevention tool. Often the affected joint structures are still weak after an injury. In order to prevent another injury, it is advisable to wear a sports brace for protection. It is also important to provide extra protection for the joint during multiple training.


Irregular training, incorrect technique or unsuitable sports equipment can cause overload. A brace is a valuable tool for an overload injury. In many overloads such as the tennis arm on a jumpers knee, an irritation or even inflammation in the tendon attachments occurs. The brace provides stools in the attachments, which reduces the pain.