Exchange and return is quick and easy!

At the brace specialist we are continuously working to improve our service and the customer is central. A purchase is therefore only confirmed when you see an item and place an order. Each order has a return instruction, which means that exchanging or returning is quick and easy.

Product exchange

Is the size of the product not correct? Exchanging a product is no problem at all with the Brace Specialist. You go to our website,, place your order of the product in the desired size and the order is processed and shipped immediately. You can return your previous order according to the step-by-step plan below. Returns must be made 14 days in advance. Return costs are at your own expense.

Returning a product

Is the product different than expected? Returning a product is possible with the Brace Specialist. The product is entitled to return shipping for 14 days. Return costs are at your own expense. In addition, there are a number of requirements before a product can be returned. These can be found in the step-by-step plan below.

Order placed via Afterpay?

If you have chosen Afterpay when ordering and you have not yet paid for the order when returning, this order will be canceled immediately. If you have paid for the order, the full amount will be refunded directly to the account number you provided by Afterpay. Return costs will be taken for your own account.

Return requirements

We can only process the returned products if they meet the following conditions:

  • The original invoice is attached.
  • The return form is fully completed attached.
  • The returned product is unused.
  • The returned product is in the original and undamaged packaging.

In the case of products that are damaged or have traces of use, we reserve the right to refuse the returned product or charge the damage.

Guarantee scheme

If the product does show defects in a unique case, this is covered by the warranty scheme. We will then immediately send you another item and take all costs incurred for our own account.

Return form

Fill in the return form below and add it to the return,

Return form

If there are any questions or ambiguities, do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by sending an email to: or by calling our telephone number: +3188 090300 so that we can be of service to you as soon as possible.