About injuries

All over the world, people are working out. This applies to both men and women from young to old. Sport allows the body to move intensively which is good for the mind, body and muscles. The opposite may be that the risk of a body injury is greater when you exercise. This can range from minor muscle aches to hospitalizations or permanent body damage.

It is therefore very important that sports injuries are treated in such a way that there is no recurrence of the injury. This can be done using multiple factors: braces, exercises, surgical treatment etc.


How can a sports injury arise?

Sports injuries occur in most cases when an unexpected, wrong movement is made or severe overloading of the body. In sports such as football, hockey, volleyball, and running, the risk of sports injuries is higher than other sports.

Characteristics of contracting a sports injury include: A muscle stretch that stretches too far, a muscle or tendon that sustains a tear, a bone fracture or a joint that turns in the wrong direction.

A sports injury doesn’t usually just happen. There are often one or more underlying causes. Think of being overweight, poor physical condition, no/too little preparation, a wrong body posture or too high a load during the training/competition. However, an injury can occur directly from a fall, collision or blow.

How can you prevent sports injuries?

Sports injuries cannot be avoided 100%. They can occur at any time with the smallest, incorrect movements. What you can do is avoid it as much as possible before suffering a sports injury. This is mainly due to independent effort of the body.

It can be through a warm-up and coolingdown, gradual build-up of sports training, a healthy lifestyle, comfortable sports shoes, good sports equipment, help from physiotherapy and research into one’s own body.

Braces and tape help to support and protect the sports injury at all times. Braces from Push and BioSkin consist of top quality material and are equipped with the latest developments. This makes the braces unique, comfortable and functional for any affected sports injury. When you need extra support and protection, the kinesiology tape from Tmax is a nice addition to the brace.