Discover our Achilles tendon braces

Do you feel pain or do you suffer from thickening in the Achilles tendon? Then the tools of the brace specialist offer the best support! The night splints and Achilles tendon brace provide proper protection and compression. This soothes the pain or thickening in the Achilles tendon and allows daily actions. In short, a valuable support tool for the Achilles tendon!


Common symptoms of Achilles tendon

If there is an Achilles tendon injury, several complaints may occur. You can get an Achilles tendon injury if you put more strain on the tendon than usual, for example in sports such as football or running. The overload can be caused by prolonged or repeated loads. This can result in achilles tendon inflammation or a ruptured Achilles tendon. In both cases, Achilles tendon braces and splints provide proper protection and compression.

Achilles tendon inflammation

Achilles tendonitis, or tendinitis achillis, is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This is the tendon that runs from the heel to the calf muscle. The inflammation is often painful and can make moving or exercising impossible, especially if you ignore it, this injury can also become chronic. In addition, the tendon can be inconvenienced by a bad surface. The injury often passes by itself, but the support tools we offer can speed up the setting process. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon can also occur in non-athletes in daily life. Achilles tendonitis is most common in people between the age of 30 and 60. In women, there is a greater chance of getting this after menopause.

Achilles tendon torn off

In the worst case, you may suffer a tear in the Achilles tendon. This feels like a hard kick against the Achilles tendon. The tendon between calf muscle and heel bone is then torn. This painful feeling does not go away, so you can hardly walk. Both trained and untrained people can have a ruptured Achilles tendon. However, the injury is most common in men between 30 and 30. As you get older Bee, the strength of tendons also decreases. Other causes include a ruptured Achilles tendon: fatigue, diseases such as rheumatism, gout or lupus.

Which Achilles tendon braces help with injuries?

When there is a clear Achilles tendon injury, support tools can provide the right solution for protection and reduction of pain in the Achilles tendon. This includes several tools that are of added value for repairing the Achilles tendon. At the brace specialist we mainly offer both Achilles tendon braces and night splints. Below you will find out which support tool suits you.

Achilles tendon braces

If you are suffering from an Achilles tendon injury, it is important to give the foot the proper protection and support. Achilles tendon braces offer the right solution for this. The ankle braces give compression to the Achilles tendon and ease the pain when making movements in the foot. These include the BioSkin ankle brace Trilok and the Achillo medical achilles tendon bandage.

Achilles tendon night splints

Treating an Achilles tendon injury can also be using our night splints. The support device ensures protection and positioning of the foot in the right way. Difference with an Achilles tendon brace is that the night splint is worn in the night. If you keep this up for a longer period of time, the foot will gradually get used to the position and results will be felt. Currently the heel spur night splint, BioSkin nightpalk and Pro-orthic nightpalk soft are available from us.

Suffering from thickening in the Achilles tendon

When the Achilles tendon is overloaded, small cracks and extra fluid enter the tendon. The overload can occur in the middle of the Achilles tendon and when attached to the heel bone. These are two different forms of thickening that have their own treatment.

When thickening in the Achilles tendon, a nagging or stinging pain above the heel is palpable. This often results in a painful thickening of the Achilles tendon above the heel. The pain is slowly increasing. First you get pain after exercise, which disappears by itself. Then you will feel the pain in the early period of exercise. At the start of exercise you will be in pain for a while, but this one disappears while you are at it. In the end, the pain is continuously present, so also in rest mode. This pain is getting worse during and after load.

How do you tap an Achilles tendon injury?

If there is no achilles tendon brace or splint yet, the best tool for the injury is to apply tape. The tape gives some compression, which puts pressure on the Achilles tendon. The kinesio tape of Tmax is the right product to use for Achilles tendon injuries.

Tmax kinesio tape is an elastic sports tape that is stretched on and around the Achilles tendon. This way, the foot is pulled into a relaxed position when you take a rest. The pressure is removed from the tendon so that it heals less and heals faster. Are you curious about a step-by-step plan on how best to tap the Achilles tendon. Read that in our blog post.

Which exercises help against an Achilles tendon injury?

In case of an Achilles tendon injury it is important to support the foot with with a brace or night splint. This gives it rest, support and faster recovery. In doing so, exercises help to improve the recovery process. Below is an exercise for Achilles tendon injuries.

Stretching Achilles tendon

  • Stand with your hands against the wall
  • Keeps one leg stretched backwards and the other leg slightly bent forward
  • Holds this position for 8 seconds
  • Then change leg and do so for another 8 seconds

The exercise can also be performed with the back leg slightly bent rather than stretched.

Do you want to get more exercises for Achilles tendon injuries? Check out our injury page!

What is an Achilles tendon injury?

There are 2 types of Achilles tendon injury. These are Achilles tendon inflammation and a torn Achilles tendon.

How does an Achilles tendon injury occur?

Achilles tendon inflammation occurs when a movement is repeated too often. An Achilles tendon tear occurs with a severe blow to the Achilles tendon.

What are the symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury?

Symptoms of Achilles tendon injuries include: persistent pain in the Achilles tendon, difficulty walking or making movements in the leg.

What are the braces for in an Achilles tendon injury?

They provide compression to the Achilles tendon and relieve pain when making movements in the foot. The difference with the night splint is that it is worn at night.

What happens to Achilles tendon thickening?

When the Achilles tendon is overloaded, small tears and extra fluid appear in the tendon. The overload can occur in the middle of the Achilles tendon and at the junction on the heel bone.

Are there exercises for an Achilles tendon injury?

There are exercises that promote recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome. Curious which these are, check out our exercises page!

Can an Achilles tendon injury be taped?

An Achilles tendon can be taped with Tmax kinesio according to a number of steps. You can find this in our blog post!