Quervain braces from the brace specialist

Do you think you’re suffering from quervain? Then you can find the best support tools at the brace specialist! BioSkin thumb braces give proper protection and compression. This relieves the pain in the thumb and wrist, making it easier to perform operations. In short, a valuable addition to the wrist!

What is quervain?

Quervain syndrome is the result of irritation or swelling of the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist. The irritation thickens the tendon, making it less easy to move. The swelling on the thumb side can cause pain problems. This pain gets worse when you grab something or make a fist.

Causes of the Quervain

Quervain can be caused by the inflammation and swelling of the casings of the tendons. Repeated movements of the thumb and unusual wrist positions may play a role.

Quervain ymptones

If quervain occurs, there may be multiple complaints in the thumb and wrist. These are limitations that affect daily life.

Symptoms of Quervainmay include:

  • Pain on the thumb side of the wrist
  • Gradual or acute pain on the wrist
  • Radiated pain to forearm
  • Difficulty in moving wrist or thumb
  • Pain when moving wrist or thumb
Wat is quervain

Support resources at Quervain

When the syndrome is present, support tools can help to relieve the pain. Braces braces and splints are the right tools for quervain. Below you will find out why this is the case.

Quervain braces

If you suffer from quervain syndrome it is important to give the wrist protection. Quervain braces, or quervain splints, can provide the muscle injury with the right support. The quervain brace relieves pain at the thumb and around the wrist. This results in a faster recovery. The BioSkin thumb brace thumb spica is a brace for quervain that support the injury in the right way.

Quervain splints

Treating Quervain is also possible with splints. Like quervain braces, the quervain splints provide compression and protection around the wrist. This guarantees a faster recovery from the muscle injury. The quervain splints are therefore compared to quervain braces. Currently we offer the BioSkin thumb brace thumb spica known as thumb brace and thumb splint for quervain.

Treatment of quervain

Quervain can be a very nasty injury and have a significant impact on daily life. That is why it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible. In order to recover as soon as possible, it is important that sufficient rest is taken and, where necessary, pain relief is used. We also strongly recommend wearing one of the above wrist braces. This promotes recovery and allows movement.

Exercises for quervain

If you suffer from quervain syndrome, it is wise to give the thumb and wrist the necessary protection. This can be done using a quervain brace or quervain splint. This way, the wrist relaxes, gets support and the recovery goes faster. In addition, exercises benefit from improving the recovery process.

Tendon slipping of thumb and wrist

One exercise that helps with recovery is: tendon slipping of the thumb and wrist. The exercise is easy to perform and will speed up the process.

Start by moving the hand inwards and spread the thumb as far as possible.

Intensify the exercise by spreading the thumb and moving the wrist inwards and out at the same time.

Curious about other exercises that help against the quervain? Check out our injury page!

How do you tape the quervain?

After a brace, the quervain tap gives the best support to the thumb and wrist. The purpose of taping is to ensure that the tendon can not stretch too far: this prevents further overloading of the muscles. It has to be taken into account that the tape is placed correctly, otherwise it can backfire.

Use professional sports tape or bandages and leave lesser tape behind. This prevents skin damage and postponement of injury treatment around the wrist.

Start by making a foundation. Here you build a strip in the shape of a ring around the base of the wrist. Then create a side loop. This is laid out in the cavity from your wrist to the thumb. Then apply a front loop. The front loop is applied in the opposite way to the side loop. Finally, tape the distal joint.

Would you like to know more about taping and how to make your tape independently? Check out the following blog post!

What is quervain?

Quervain's syndrome is an irritation or swelling of the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist.

How does the quervain arise?

Repetitive thumb movements and unusual wrist positions can stir up the quervain.

What symptoms does Quervain have?

Symptoms of de quervain can include pain on the thumb side of the wrist, gradual pain on the wrist, pain in the forearm, or difficulty with thumb and wrist movements.

What are the braces for at de Quervain?

The Quervain braces relieve pain in the thumb and around the wrist, resulting in a faster recovery.

How do you treat quervain?

It is important to get enough rest for a speedy recovery. We also highly recommend wearing one of the above wrist braces. This promotes recovery and makes exercise possible.

Are there exercises for the quervain?

There are a number of exercises that will speed up the recovery of the quervain. Based on our knowledge, the brace specialist has created an exercise page.

How to tape the quervain?

Start building a foundation. Then make a side loop. Then create a front loop. Finally, tape the distal joint.