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Have you suffered a bruised wrist? Our wrist braces can reduce the complaints of pain and overload.

What is a bruised wrist

A wrist bruise is the painful consequence of overexertion, a wrong movement or a hard fall caught by the hands. The difference between a bruise, sprain or bone fracture is often difficult to feel in the wrist. Despite the different causes, the symptoms often have the same symptoms. However, there is a big difference in the recovery process. That is why it is important to know which complaint is actually involved.

Carpaal tunnel syndroom

How can you treat a bruised wrist?

A bruised wrist is best treated by giving it enough rest to recover naturally. In addition, an ice treatment ensures less swelling and numbs the pain. Rub ice on the area for about 10 minutes at a time. Never hold ice directly against your skin but place it on a dry towel, for example, to prevent frostbite. To avoid making the wrong movements during the rest period, it is wise to wear a brace. A brace helps to keep the wrist in the right position so that you can also do other things more easily. In addition, it is also an option to tap into your wrist.

What does a wrist brace provide?

A brace ensures that the wrist is stabilized from the outside. This ensures that the tendons and muscles in the wrist get enough rest to be able to heal properly. Without this calm and stability, it is almost impossible for the wrist to recover. Without protection, the chance that you will bump your hand or move it incorrectly and the pain will worsen is very high. look below for more information about braces on this page to see which brace for bruised wrist best suits your injury.

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Taping in bruised wrist: is this possible?

There are many advantages when taping your wrist. The biggest advantage is the acceleration in the recovery process. The tape will place your wrist in the right position. This allows the wrist to rest better and is less loaded. In addition, it is better to continue with the daily activities without being too busy with your pain. The tape ensures better blood flow. A better blood flow ensures less swelling. Less swelling, in turn, ensures less pain. For more information and instructions, read the blog about“taping in bruised wrist”.

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Bruised wrist exercises

Exercises are very important for a bruised wrist. For example, exercises ensure that the muscles and tendons do not become stiff due to too much rest. In addition, the exercises stimulate recovery in the wrist. If you want to know what the best “exercises for bruised wrist” are, read on here.

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Frequently asked questions about the wrist injury

Wat is een gekneusde pols?

Een gekneusde pols is het pijnlijke gevolg van overbelasting, een verkeerde beweging of een door de handen opgevangen harde val. Vaak zorgt een kneuzing voor opzwellingen veel pijn in de pols waardoor het moeilijk wordt om deze te bewegen.

Wat is de oorzaak van een gekneusde pols?

Een kneuzing ontstaat vaak bij een harde val waardoor er te veel druk komt te staan op de gewrichten. Een kneuzing kan ook ontstaan door een harde klap van bijvoorbeeld een honkbalknuppel.

Wat zijn de symptomen van een gekneusde pols?

  • Opzwelling in de pols en hand
  • Verkleuring in de huid, vaak paars of blauw
  • Pijn bij het buigen van de pols en vingers
  • Pijn bij het aanraken van de zwelling