Buy a brace for your cruciate ligament injury with expert advice

Do you think you suffer from a cruciate ligament injury? Our knee braces can reduce the symptoms of pain and overexertion.

What is a cruciate ligament injury?

With an anterior or posterior cruciate ligament injury, a tear or stretching occurs in the knee joint. When the cruciate ligament is torn or stretched, functions in the leg fall away. The knee can feel unstable so that you can sink through it every now and then. Characteristic of a torn cruciate ligament is that you feel a crackling sound in the knee.


How can you treat a cruciate ligament injury?

In case of a knee injury, it is very important that you go to the physiotherapist and have it determined which injury you have suffered. With a torn cruciate ligament, the rehabilitation time can be up to a year, which is because the knee has to undergo surgery. It is important that after the injury you ensure that the fluid goes out of the knee as quickly as possible, so that the operation can take place faster. After surgery, the leg should be made stronger and more stable. Usually you can then start exercising again between 9-12 months.

Braces for a cruciate ligament injury

Knee braces are commonly used tools during the rehabilitation process of a cruciate ligament injury. The braces are lightweight and made of flexible material, allowing movement while wearing. The compression ensures better circulation, so that the swelling will go away faster and the rehabilitation will be faster. This makes the knee braces suitable for rehabilitation and/or sports performance.

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Cruciate ligament taping in case of injury

In addition to a brace, taping the cruciate ligament can help in the rehabilitation of a cruciate ligament injury. Tmax kinesiology tape is an extremely suitable product for this. The top quality tape presses the cruciate ligament into the correct position and improves the healing process. The 160% elasticity makes the tape maximally stretchable and the acrylic glue prevents skin irritations or rashes. In addition, the Tmax tape is easily portable for daily activities.

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Exercises for a cruciate ligament injury

When recovering from a cruciate ligament injury, it is important that you perform exercises. The physiotherapist will set out exercises that promote the recovery from a cruciate ligament injury. The exercises will consist of stability and strength exercises. In this way, the muscles are strengthened and balance is improved. Curious which exercises our specialists recommend in case of a cruciate ligament injury, please look further on our practice page.

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How do I recover from a torn cruciate ligament without surgery?

In people who have no ambition to exercise often, or experience little trouble with tearing the cruciate ligament, they can choose not to have surgery done. You should then perform exercises in collaboration with your physiotherapist to gradually build up the load on the knee. Wearing a knee brace can also guide the recovery process and rehabilitation of a torn cruciate ligament in the right direction. For this, the Bioskin Gladiator Front Closure and Bioskin Gladiator Open Patella are perfect for use.

What should I do when my posterior cruciate ligament is torn?

The posterior cruciate ligament provides stability to the knee during forward and backward movements and rotational movements. If you tear off the posterior cruciate ligament, in most cases there will be a swelling on the knee within the first hours after the injury. You can then opt for surgery. This operation is done via artiscopie (keyhole surgery) in which a reconstruction is made of the cruciate ligament.

A torn cruciate ligament does not cause direct pain

When you tear off your cruciate ligament one will not necessarily feel a pain. You will feel a crackling sound which leads to instability of the knee. However, after this you will feel a pain because your knee fills with fluid. This will cause a swelling, which reduces the mobility of the knee.

How do I test if my anterior cruciate ligament is torn?

It is possible to test if your cruciate ligament is torn. For this, the laughter man test is often carried out. This test looks at whether the forward movement of your tibia and upper leg is possible. Keep the knee in 20 degrees flexion, stabilize the upper leg with one hand and with the other hand the proximal part of the tibia covers, then pull it towards the knee relative to the upper leg. Let someone else do this so that it is done the right way.

When is a torn cruciate ligament surgery the order of the day?

When you tear or tear your cruciate ligament, surgery is often obvious. In the event of a tear, surgery is not always necessary. However, there is a good chance that you will have slight stability complaints. The moment you opt for a torn cruciate ligament surgery then the torn anterior cruciate ligament is removed and replaced with a body’s own tendon, which is removed from the three-part hamstring. This is a day admission, you can go home the same day.

What should I do in case of a torn cruciate ligament?

The moment you tear off your cruciate ligament, you should immediately go to the hospital for a diagnosis. There will be a swelling on the knee, making moving the knee almost impossible. You will then perform exercises in collaboration with a physiotherapist to guide the recovery process in the right direction. In addition, surgery is recommended. However, you can choose not to do this, due to limited sports ambitions or few stability complaints.

When can I drive after a torn cruciate ligament?

There are no hard rules for when you can drive again after you have suffered injuries to your cruciate ligaments. However, you must be able to perform all the activities without you having difficulty with it, it is safe to drive a car again. If you have a car with automatic transmission, this would probably be faster than with a gearbox.

How can I start exercising again after a torn cruciate ligament?

To return to your sport after a cruciate ligament operation, you must first follow a rehabilitation process. Through the right exercises you can strain your knee as effectively as possible. It is important to follow this process so that you keep as few complaints as possible to the knee. If you continue to experience minor complaints during exercise, you can choose to use a sports race. For this, the Push Sports Knee Brace is extremely suitable for use.

How long does rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament take?

After a cruciate ligament operation, you will have to rehabilitate for a period of nine to twelve months. This means that in collaboration with a physiotherapist, a recovery plan is drawn up in which the pressure and load on the knee is gradually increased. The recovery time also depends in part on how quickly the operation is performed. With a very fast operation, the rehabilitation will take less time.

Frequently asked questions about cruciate ligament injuries

Wat is een kruisbandblessure?

Een voorste of achterste kruisband blessure is een blessure die het meest voor komt aan de knie.

Welke kruisbandblessures kunt u oplopen?

De meest voorkomende kruisbandblessures is een scheur of oprekking in het gewricht.

Hoe worden kruisbandblessures behandeld?

Ga direct langs bij een fysiotherapeut en laat het controleren. Deze kan u doorverwijzen naar het ziekenhuis voor een operatie of adviseren om een revalidatie aan te gaan bij een oprekking.

Welke oefeningen bieden hulp bij een blessure aan de kruisband?

Voor het uitvoeren van de juiste oefeningen kunt u onze blessure pagina's bezoeken.

Hoe tape je een kruisbandblessure?

Ons advies is om uw gewrichtsblessure in te tapen bij een fysiotherapeut. Wilt u dit zelfstandig aanleggen, doe dit dan met kinesiologie tape van Tmax en lees op de tape pagina hoe dit in zijn werking gaat.