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Have you suffered a golfer’s elbow? Our elbow braces can reduce the symptoms of pain and overexertion.

What is a golfer’s elbow?

A golfer’s elbow (or as in Latin epicondylitis medialis) is an inflammation or irritation to the tendons on the inside of the elbow. These tendons are attached to the flexor muscles of the forearm. This condition is common in people between the 40s and 50.

How can you treat a golfer’s arm?

There are several ways to restore a golfer’s elbow. There are both operative and non-operative cures. In a non-operative way, you enter into the recovery process with the help of exercises. Operative treatment is performed through surgery on the elbow. Regardless of the medicine, it often takes nine months to 2 years until the symptoms are gone.

Golfers elbow brace

Wearing a golfer’s elbow brace brings many benefits. The brace ensures that the overload complaints are less well felt. This happens because the brace ensures that the tendons maintain the correct posture. At the same time, the brace also ensures that tendon attachments are relieved. For more information about a golfersarm brace on the extensive page about this.

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Taping golfers elbow

There are many options to heal a golfer’s arm. One of the options is to tap in the forearm. Although it seems like a simple solution, it has been proven that this can have a major impact on the recovery process. Do you want to find out how to tap a golfer’s elbow? Then read this page about
golfers elbow taping

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Golfers elbow exercises

In order to recover well from this injury, it is recommended to do certain exercises. These exercises relieve pain and strengthen the muscles and tendons. It is important to stretch well before, after and during each exercise. Take a look at our golfers elbow exercises

page to see what these exercises look like.

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Which muscle do I suffer from with a golfer’s elbow?

The moment you suffer from a golfer’s elbow, you have inflammation or irritation at the level of the attachment of the tendons to the inside of the elbow. This pain can then radiate to your forearm and wrist. The complaints arise in particular when you tighten the flexor muscles of the wrist and hand.

What is the difference between a golfer’s elbow brace and a bandage?

A golfer’s elbow is very similar to a golfer’s bandage. Both are effective for fighting golfer’s elbow, but there is a difference in the treatment method. For example, an elbow bandage specifically exerts pressure on the tendon attachment, which will reduce the forces. A brace, on the other hand, will exert less specific pressure on the tendon attachment but will provide more stability around the entire elbow.

Is there a golfer’s elbow test?

If you have problems with your arm and you want to know if it is a golfer’s elbow, you can find out by means of a test. You should start by giving someone a firm hand with a slightly bent elbow. Then the u turns the entire arm inwards against resistance. When you feel pain on the inside of the inside and experience pressure pain on the inner elbow nodule, you suffer from a golfer’s elbow.

Frequently asked questions about golfersarm

Wat is een golferselleboog?

Een golferselleboog oftewel epicondylitis medialis in het latijns is een peesblessure aan de buigspieren van de pols. Deze spieren zorgen ervoor dat je je pols en vingers kan buigen en je onderarm kan draaien.

Wat is de oorzaak van een golferselleboog

De grootste oorzaken zijn overbelasting en veroudering in je peesweefsel. Hierdoor verloopt het genezingsproces niet goed met als gevolg micro-beschadigingen in de buigpezen van de pols. Dit proces wordt tendinose genoemd.

Wat zijn symptomen bij een golferselleboog?

  • Pijn in de elleboog
  • Uitstraling naar de onderarm, pols en soms zelfs vingers.
  • Het gaat om een stekende pijn
  • Tintelend gevoel in je vingers