Buy a brace for your groin injury with expert advice

Do you think you suffer from a groin injury? Our groin brace can reduce the complaints of pain and overexertion.

What is a groin injury?

What does a groin injury mean? There are two types of groin injuries that you can suffer. These are an overburdening injury and an acute injury. An overload in the groin is caused by incorrect rotational movements in the hip. An acute groin injury unexpectedly shoots into the groin, which can lead to a sprain or tear in the muscle.


How can you treat a groin injury?

When you have caught the groin injury, it is important that you stop exercising immediately. Cool the groin several times a day for the first few days. In addition, you can apply pressure bandages to the groin or purchase compression pants. When the worst swelling and groin pain has disappeared, you can start exercising again. A brace, tape and exercises can all help in recovery from a groin injury.

Pants for a groin injury

Trousers for a groin injury help to provide the groin with the right support. BioSkin’s pants give compression to the groin, which will cause the circulatory system to go up. The compression also ensures that the swelling and inflammation will go away faster. The compression pants are therefore suitable for rehabilitation and / or improving sports performance.

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Taping groin in case of an injury?

In addition to a brace, the groin taping can help in the rehabilitation of groin injuries. Kinesiology tape from Tmax is an extremely suitable product for this. The top quality tape gives extremely good support to the groin and ensures that the groin injury will pass faster. The 160% elasticity makes the tape maximally stretchable and the acrylic glue prevents skin irritations or rashes. In addition, the Tmax tape is easily portable for daily activities.

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Exercises for a groin injury

Keep moving and move appropriately is very important with a football player’slies. You have to feel for yourself what you can and cannot handle. It is important that the pain threshold is not exceeded, because this can slow down the recovery process. It is important that you improve the muscle strength in the groin through exercises. Wondering which inguinal exercises you can perform for recovery, check out the practice page for more information.

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How do I resolve pain in my groin and abdomen?

The moment you suffer from a groin injury, you will experience pain complaints in the groin region. This pain can then radiate through your thigh to your abdomen, causing you to feel an annoying pain in your lower abdomen. Since there can be different causes, it is advised to look together with your physiotherapist at what the cause of your complaints in the groin is so that you can recover from your groin injury through effective exercises.

Is there a difference in the pain in my groin and lower abdomen in a man or woman?

The groin region is on the lower abdomen and therefore there is a difference of palpable pain between man and woman. In a woman, different abdominal muscles are together in the lower abdomen, but also the uterus, ovaries, intestines, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves and bones close to each other. With a man, of course, this is not the case. However, when the groin is injured due to an acute injury, this will cause the same pain in a man as in a woman.

What does pain in the groin mean when you get up?

If you experience a lot of problems with your groin when getting up, this can be a sign of bursitis. This causes pain in the front of your hip and on the inside of your groin. This can be caused by an acute injury, rheumatism or an overload. The injury is often seen in sports people and the injury is accompanied.

What can I do best against pain in my groin with walking?

The adductors group and the iliopsoas are loaded while walking and ensure that the pelvis is also rotated at every step during running, so that the groin is heavily loaded. Overloading is therefore common when running, especially during heavy training, competitions or poor terrain. The best thing to do is to keep enough rest. In addition, you can use compression pants that ensure that the pain complaints are reduced and the groin is supported.

What is the recovery time of a strained groin?

The recovery time of a strained groin depends on the severity of the groin injury. If you experience minor complaints, you will be rid of your complaints within 10 days and do not need medical treatment. With mild symptoms, a muscle crack will occur, so that you have to avoid overload and can use your leg to a limited extent. In case of severe complaints, you should immobilize your groin and all forms of load are not recommended. You will then be checked for recovery under the supervision of a physiotherapist and doctor.

How do I prevent overload in my groin?

You can take a number of actions to prevent your groin from becoming overloaded. For example, you need to perform the right exercises to prevent new injuries. In addition, it is also important that you train the (oblique) abdominal muscles, so that they increase in strength and an injury is less likely to arise. The use of good shoes with a good grip and a good warm-up also ensure that the overload in the groin takes place.

How do I prevent my back pain from radiating to my groin and abdomen?

With a neck hernia, an irritation occurs in the nerve root of the spine. The nerves run through the spinal cord through the spine to different parts of the body. The moment you suffer from a neck hernia, this can cause pain in the groin because the nerves do not function sufficiently. As a result, there is a chance that there will be a loss of strength in the leg and you will get a tingling and / or dull feeling.

Frequently asked questions about groin injuries

Wat is een liesblessure?

Een liesblessure is een veelvoorkomende klacht in de voetbalwereld. Er is een verschil in overbelasting en een acute vorm.

Welke liesblessures kunt u oplopen?

De meest voorkomende liesblessures is een overbelasting of acute blessure.

Hoe wordt een liesblessure behandeld?

Stop direct met sporten en koel de lies de eerste paar dagen een aantal keer. Daarbij zorgen hulpmiddelen als tape en braces voor extra ondersteuning. Bezoek tot slot een fysiotherapeut en laat het nader controleren.

Welke oefeningen bieden hulp bij een blessure aan de lies?

Benieuwd welke oefeningen u voor herstel kunt uitvoeren in de juiste vorm? Dan verwijzen wij u naar onze oefeningen pagina.

Hoe tape je een liesblessure?

Ons advies is om uw gewrichtsblessure in te tapen bij een fysiotherapeut. Wilt u dit zelfstandig aanleggen, doe dit dan met kinesiologie tape van Tmax en lees op de tape pagina hoe dit in zijn werking gaat.