Buy a brace for your hamstring injury with expert advice

Do you think you have suffered a hamstring injury? Our thigh braces can reduce the complaints of pain and overexertion.

What is a hamstring injury?

What exactly is a hamstring injury? There are 2 types of hamstring injuries that you can suffer, namely a strain or a tear. The hamstring consists of three muscles, which means that the strain or tear is in one of those muscles. This often happens when starting a sprint or deploying a tackle.


How can you treat a hamstring injury?

It is important that the hamstring is immediately cooled with ice. Put a towel around the ice, otherwise you will burn the skin. In addition, it is important to keep your leg up and not to strain your hamstring much. Over time, you can get started with a physiotherapist. This ensures that the muscles regain strength through exercises. A brace is also highly recommended when treating the hamstring injury. Due to the compression that the brace gives, the injury will also pass faster.

Braces for a hamstring injury

Braces relieve the pain and support the hamstring injury. BioSkin’s top-quality braces have functionalities that are expected from a support agent. It gives compression to the hamstring, which will improve blood circulation. The compression also ensures that swelling and / or inflammation will go away faster. That is why hamstring braces are suitable for rehabilitation and / or improving sports performance.

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Hamstring taping in case of an injury?

For extra support in the recovery process, taping the hamstring is an option in addition to wearing a brace. Kinesiology tape from Tmax is extremely suitable for this. The kinesiotape gives extra compression to the groin and contributes to an accelerated recovery process. The 160% elasticity makes the tape maximally stretchable and the acrylic glue prevents skin irritations or rashes. In addition, the Tmax tape is easily portable for daily activities.

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Exercises for a hamstring injury

Exercises are very important for recovering from a hamstring injury. By performing the exercises it is important that you stretch the muscles and make them stronger. This reduces the chance of recurrence of the injury and increases the chance of a speedy recovery. It is important that you do not exceed the pain threshold. This can lead to a delay in the rehabilitation process. Wondering which hamstring exercises you can perform for recovery? Check out the practice page for more information.

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Frequently asked questions about hamstring injuries

Wat is een hamstringblessure?

Een hamstringblessure is een klacht die vaak terugkomt in de voetbalwereld. Dit kan van een verrekking tot een spierscheur gaan.

Welke hamstringblessures kunt u oplopen?

De meest voorkomende hamstringblessures is een verrekking of een scheur in de hamstring.

Hoe wordt een hamstringblessure behandeld?

Stop direct met sporten en koel de hamstring met een doek eroverheen. Belast de hamstring zo min mogelijk, maak daarbij gebruik van hulpmiddelen als tape en braces voor extra ondersteuning. Bezoek tot slot een fysiotherapeut en laat het nader controleren.

Welke oefeningen bieden hulp bij een blessure aan de hamstring?

Benieuwd welke oefeningen u voor herstel kunt uitvoeren in de juiste vorm? Dan verwijzen wij u naar onze oefeningen pagina.

Hoe tape je een hamstringblessure?

Ons advies is om uw gewrichtsblessure in te tapen bij een fysiotherapeut. Wilt u dit zelfstandig aanleggen, doe dit dan met kinesiologie tape van Tmax en lees op de tape pagina hoe dit in zijn werking gaat.