Nightpalk heel track

Do you suffer from heel complaints associated with a heel spur? Then our night splints are the right support tool for you! Nightpalk heel spur provides proper support and recovery from the heel injury. In addition, it prevents further injury to the heel by protecting the night splint. In short, the best solution for a heel spur!


Wat is hielspoor?

Overload, stress on the heel or the attaching tendons are causes of a heel spur. The symptoms of heel spur are mainly pain and stiffness under the heel. This pain usually appears when standing long or walking in the morning. This is because the nerves of a resting position are immediately set in motion. After a while, the nerves will become accustomed to the movement and the pain will decrease. The largest risk group is between 40 and 60 years old. It has also been found that women are relatively more likely to suffer from a heel injury than men. Athletes and people with a standing profession also belong to the risk group.

How can you treat a heel spur?

Heel spur can be treated in different ways. Stretching exercises, taking enough rest and wearing good shoes can in some cases reduce the symptoms. Another tool that works quickly and effectively is a night splint. A night splint is a very effective tool for complaints such as heel spurs and Achilles tendon. The night splint should be worn during the night, so that there are few to no complaints in the morning. While wearing a night splint, the leg is stabilized in a normal position. Thus, the nerves do not have to get used to exercise in the morning and therefore do not cause pain complaints. The treatment of heel spurs can take up to four months. Wearing a night splint heel spur will speed up the recovery process and reduce pain complaints.

Which night splints help the heel spur?

Would you like to buy a nightpalk heel track? Then we provide you with the best offer! When preferred by a night splint, the Pro-orthic heel spur and the BioSkin night pallet are the right products for you. BioSkin’s night pallets are provided with higher quality here. For a night splint with a little more comfort, the Pro-orthic heel spur comfort is the product you’re looking for. If you find support with a compression sock sufficient, then the Pro-orthic night splint soft does the right job for you. You can buy the night pallets through our webshop. Here you can give preference in the model and size.

How do you tape a heel spur?

If you are not yet using a night splint or brace, tape support is the best heel support. The purpose of taping the foot is that the tendon plate is not stretched too far. It also ensures that the tendon tissue is stimulated, so that the injury will pass faster. Kinesiology tape from Tmax gives some compression to the foot and especially the heel, making it stand in the desired position.

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What Exercises Benefit From a Heel Spur?

Heel spur exercises accelerate the recovery process. They reduce the muscle tension on the heel and at the same time allow the muscle to further stretch and strengthen. This effect will ultimately lead to the prevention of further injuries. When you experience too much pain during exercises, it is recommended to stop early. To perform appropriate exercises, you can use our exercises page visits, recommended by physiotherapists.

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Frequently asked questions about heel spurs

Wat is hielspoor?

Hielspoor is een peesblessure waarbij de peesplaat aan het hielbeen overbelast of ontstoken is.

Waar dient nachtspalk hielspoor voor?

De nachtspalken zorgen voor effectiviteit en ondersteuning voor de hiel. Ze zorgen voor stabilisatie en wakker houden van de zenuwen.

In welke situaties komt hielspoor snel voor?

Bij sporten of beroepen waarbij je lang staat of instensief loopt. Denk aan een gymleraar of een restaurant bediende.

Is er verschil tussen een hielspoor en een peesplaatontsteking?

De blessures lijken op elkaar maar zijn net iets anders. Een peesplaatontsteking bevindt zich in een sterke pees onder de voetzool. Een hielspoor bevindt zich in een pees dat vastzit aan het hielbeen.

Is een hielspoor sok even effectief als een hielspoor nachtspalk?

Een hielspoor is een effectief steunmiddel maar een nachtspalk geeft nog meer steun. Een hielspoor sok is fijn te gebruiken wanneer je ondersteuning krijgt en bewegelijk wil blijven. Met een nachtspalk is dit moeilijker, maar krijg je maximale ondersteuning voor terug.