Braces at a Jumpers Knee

Do you suffer from a jumper’s knee and are you ready to exercise without complaints? Then you will find the best solution in the form of support products at the brace specialist!

What is a Jumpers Knee?

A jumpers kneeisan injury that you suffer due to too much load on your knee. It is a tendon attachment problem on the underside of the kneecap and is common in sports such as showjumping, volleyball and basketball. Between the tibia and the kneecap is the tendon of the upper leg muscle that holds the kneecap in place when moving. This tendon can become irritated by overload. Because this injury often occurs in people by jumping a lot, it is called a jumpers knee (Jumpers Knee).


How can I treat a jumper’s knee?

The treatment of a Jumpers knee is a slow process that often requires a long-term active rehabilitation of several months. In order to recover as well as possible from jumper’s knee, it is therefore important to treat it in the right way. With a Jumpers knee it is sometimes not wise to take complete rest. Complete rest can lead to weakening of the muscle group, which may cause more pain complaints in the future. Sometimes, therefore, it is advisable not to temporarily stop exercising, but only reduce the load on the knee.

Which brace can I use for a jumper’s knee?

When you have suffered a jumper’s knee, it is necessary to give the knee support when moving. Patella braces for a jumper’s knee should provide the knee with proper help. The braces provide enough compression to speed up the recovery process and prevent further injury. This results in pain reduction and faster recovery. By using this you can continue to strain your knee and the tendon gets enough rest to be able to recover from overload.

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How can I tap a jumpers knee?

There are a number of ways how to prevent or soothe the pain of a jumper’s knee. The use of tape can help to reduce the symptoms if you plan to start taxing. Nowadays, cure tape or kinesiotape is increasingly used for this. That is a colored tape that not only supports and reduces pain, but also ensures better blood flow to the skin. This allows you to perform exercises again faster with your knee pain.

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What exercises help in the recovery of a jumper’s knee?

After contracting a jumper’s knee, it is important to perform exercises. However, it is just as important to know when you need to get more rest. To ensure that the tendon in your knee recovers optimally, we have drawn up a number of exercises for you to slowly train the knee again. It is important that when you feel pain, you immediately stop the exercises.

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