Buy a wrist brace for your overloaded wrist with expert advice

Do you suffer from an overloaded wrist? Our wrist braces can reduce these complaints from pain and overload.

What is an overloaded wrist?

With an overloaded wrist, there is a good chance that inflammation has arisen in a tendon of the wrist. This injury occurs especially in people who practice sports where many repetitive hand and arm movements have to be performed. With tendonitis in the wrist, pain will be experienced at the point where the hand meets the arm.


How can you treat an overloaded wrist?

With an overloaded wrist, it is important that you immediately look for a physiotherapist, because he can help you enormously. The physiotherapist will prescribe the right exercises to you. The goal of physiotherapy is to let the injury pass as soon as possible and prevent it from happening again. A brace can also greatly help in the rehabilitation of an overloaded wrist. This gives a good compression to the wrist.

Brace for an overloaded wrist

Wrist braces generally give a lot of firmness and compression to the wrist. The increase in compression to the wrist is to increase blood circulation. This makes for a more pleasant and accelerating recovery process. A brace that we highly recommend is the Push Med Wrist Brace.

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Wrist taping in case of overload

In addition to a brace, taping the wrist can help in the rehabilitation of groin injuries. In addition, the kneesiology tape of Tmax is of great value during the recovery process. This tape gives very good support to the wrist. It is a very good quality tape and also ensures that the wrist injury will pass faster. When the tape is pasted in the right place, both the swelling and the pain will decrease.

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Exercises for a wrist injury

Exercises can benefit from the rehabilitation of an overloaded wrist. It is best to do this together with a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will help you during the rehabilitation of the overloaded wrist. Wondering what exercises you can perform for overloaded wrist, check out the practice page for more information.

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How do I prevent pain in my wrist when pressing?

The moment you suffer from printing, this can have several causes. This may be because you are using the wrong technique, have not done a warm-up or that the wrist is overloaded. You can prevent this by using erase wraps, which ensure that the wrist gets more firmness. It is also important that the squeezing force in the wrist is trained. This is easy to perform with simple exercises.

What could be the nagging pain in my wrist?

If you suffer from a nagging pain in your wrist, it may be that it is overloaded. By repeating an exercise or movement too often, an overload takes place in the wrist. This allows you to experience a warm and painful feeling. Even after prolonged exercise or exercise, you may experience a painful feeling or a nagging pain in your wrist that will change after a while. After a prolonged overload, it is possible that it will result in a chronic overload.

When do I have bursitis in my wrist and when do I have an overloaded wrist?

You get an overloaded wrist by repeating an action or movement too often. Subsequently, no recovery can take place in the micro tears of the muscles that result in an overload. However, with bursitis, there is an acute inflammation that makes the wrist stiff. This can be caused by a blow or fall, but also by an overload.

What is the difference between an overloaded wrist on the pinky side and thumb side?

An overloaded wrist can occur in two different places. With an overloaded wrist on the pinky side, the extensor carpi lunaris tendon is overloaded, a tendon that provides stability and allows the little finger to stretch and bend. The complaints are therefore experienced on the outside at the little finger. The other spot is an overloaded wrist on the thumb side. When an overload occurs in this place, it is also called Quervain’s syndrome. Swelling and inflammation can then occur.

How do I make sure I don’t overload my wrist during fitness?

During fitness, a lot of pressure is practiced on the wrist. As a result, an overload occurs regularly. When the muscles of the wrist are insufficiently in a neutral position when performing the exercise, the tendons can be damaged by repeated overstretlement. You can then choose to wear a wrist brace. The Push Sports Wrist Brace wear helps stabilize the wrist allowing the damaged tissue to heal.

Pain in the wrist due to overexertion, what now?

If you suffer from an overloaded wrist (and no sprained wrist) then it is important to treat this through exercises and cooling. In addition, wearing a Brace can contribute to support of the wrist, which relieves the wrist. When you want to start exercising again, a warm-up is essential and if you have suffered an overloaded wrist due to your work, you can consider wearing a wrist brace. This can ensure that you experience fewer pain complaints and can pick up your work.

Frequently asked questions about overloaded wrist

Wat is een overbelaste pols?

Bij een overbelaste pols is de kans groot dat er een ontsteking is ontstaan in een pees van de pols.

Hoe wordt een overbelaste pols behandeld?

Stop direct met sporten en koel de pols de eerste paar dagen een aantal keer. Daarbij zorgen hulpmiddelen als tape en braces voor extra ondersteuning. Bezoek tot slot een fysiotherapeut en laat het nader controleren.

Welke oefeningen bieden hulp bij een blessure aan de pols?

Benieuwd welke oefeningen u voor herstel kunt uitvoeren in de juiste vorm? Dan verwijzen wij u naar onze oefeningen pagina.

Hoe tape je een polsblessure?

Ons advies is om uw gewrichtsblessure in te tapen bij een fysiotherapeut. Wilt u dit zelfstandig aanleggen, doe dit dan met kinesiologie tape van Tmax en lees op de tape pagina hoe dit in zijn werking gaat.