Which wrist braces do our specialists recommend in case of an overloaded wrist?

An overloaded wrist is an annoying complaint that does not just recover. For a good treatment, it is important that the wrist gets enough rest. Only with sufficient rest can the muscles and tendons heal. It is very difficult to prevent overloading of the wrist when you have complaints. After all, you use your hands with almost all activities. An overloaded wrist brace helps with this.

What are the benefits of an overloaded wrist brace for wrist injury?

A wrist brace ensures that the wrist is stabilized from the outside. This gives the tendons and muscles in the wrist enough rest to be able to heal properly. Without this calm and stability, it is almost impossible for the wrist to recover quickly. Without protection, the probability that the pain pain worsens pain is very high.

The brace should, first of all, provide stability in the wrist. This stability prevents unexpected movements that cause pain. Secondly, it is important that the brace does not impede the movement of the fingers. In addition, the brace must ensure that the wrist remains cool and dry. Not to mention, the braces are easy to put on with just one hand.

When is it wise to wear a wrist brace in case of an overload?

To know when the overloaded wrist brace can be used for your injury, we look at a number of factors that play a role. You can think of the nature of the complaint, daily movements and the degree of palpable pain.

Nature of the complaint

Is it a temporary or chronic complaint? In the event of a temporary complaint, the advice is to keep the overloaded wrist brace for many hours a day. In addition, it is important to follow the instructions of the physiotherapist. In the event of a chronic complaint, the brace is seen as a means of support for daily activities.

Exercising movements

When pain arises during daily or sporting movements, a brace is the tool that can offer the right support to you. It protects the wrist from further forms of pain, instability and swelling. In addition, the support ensures that you can move the affected joint pain-free.

Degree of pain

The degree of pain sensation indicates which brace applies to your injury. The brace in any situation should be worn in activities that fuel this pain. Think of leaning on a desk for a long time or repeating heavily overloading wrist movements.

Push med wrist brace splint

Buy overloaded wrist brace

Do you want to buy a brace for an overloaded wrist? That is possible with the Brace Specialist! Our product range consists of top quality braces that support and repair the overload. The braces for the joint injury are divided into general and sporting use. General use includes the wrist braces for daily operations. The wrist braces for sports use have been specially developed for sports injuries and/or prevention. You can buy the braces for the wrist injury via our webshop. Here you can give preference in the model and size.

Frequently asked questions about overloaded wrist brace

Helpt een brace bij een overbelaste pols?

Overbelaste polsbraces zorgen voor het verlichten van de pijn en ondersteuning bij de pols. Dit resulteert in een sneller herstel.

Is het mogelijk om de polsbraces te wassen?

De polsbrace van Bioskin kunt u zonder problemen met de hand wassen in koud water. Laat de brace na het wassen wel goed drogen voor verder gebruik. Voor de polsbraces van Push kan dit middels een wasmachine.

Uit welke materialen bestaan de polsbraces?

De CTS braces van Bioskin bestaan uit de volgende materialen: lycra, microfleece, nylon lycra, polyurethaan en velcro. Push braces zijn gemaakt van Polyester en Sympress.