What overloaded wrist exercises help with recovery?

Exercises for an overload in the wrist can promote recovery from the joint injury. The wrist must be made stronger, this reduces the chance of an overloaded wrist. It is important that you immediately stop performing the exercises when this hurts. If you do go ahead with it, it can cause a delayed recovery process. A brace or tape can also help you recover against further injuries.

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When are exercises effective with an overloaded wrist?

It is important that the wrist is ready for full load. Especially with an overloaded wrist, it is important that it is started slowly. If this does not happen, the wrist can be further overloaded. Also, the wrist has to get used to the load again. It is important that you do a warm-up before the exercises to warm up the muscles. In addition, it is important that you visit a physiotherapist. This can help you enormously with the performance of the exercises.

What exercises promote recovery of an overloaded wrist?

With an overloaded wrist, there are several exercises that promote the recovery process. These exercises are divided from light to heavy muscle load. Light exercises occur in the beginning of the recovery process. Heavy exercises are performed when the recovery of the wrist develops positively and goes towards the final stage.

Light exercise, overloading of the wrist at the initial stage

  • 1. Stretch your injured arm.
  • 2. With your other hand, pull the fingers back of the injured arm.
  • 3. Hold this for 5 seconds and do this 10 times.
  • 4. Repeat 3 times a day.
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Heavy exercise, overloading of the wrist in the final stage

  • 1. Put your arm on the table with your hand over the edge. (with the knuckles up)
  • 2. Take a weight and let your hand hang.
  • 3. Stretch your wrist and then let it hang relaxed again.
  • 4. Do this 3 series of 10 repetitions.
  • 5. Then do it with your knuckles down.

Overloaded wrist exercises via video