How to tap the overloaded wrist with kinesiotape?

If you don’t already have a brace in your possession, taping the overloaded wrist is the best thing you can do at that time. Kinesiology tape from Tmax is the right product for this. Tmax kinesio tape is elastic, makes wrist movements smoother and puts them in the correct position.

An overload in the wrist must be taped according to the correct instructions, otherwise this can be counterproductive. This starts with the preparation and then apply the tape.

Tape your overloaded wrist yourself

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Which kinesiotape is best to use to tap the overloaded wrist?

Make sure you have good tape on hand when you plan to tap the overload in the wrist independently. Lesser tape can cause skin damage. Kinesio tape from Tmax is an example of good tape. It is easy to apply yourself and is made of elastic material, making the wrist easy to move.

The benefits of Tmax kinesiotape

Why do our physiotherapists recommend the kinesiology tape from Tmax? Of all the brands that offer kinesio tape, our physiotherapists come to the conclusion that Tmax brings the most benefits.

✔ Tmax kinesiology tape consists of 160% elasticity, which makes the extensibility very smooth and large.

✔ 96% of the Tmax kinesiotape consists of cation, which improves blood flow in the joint.

✔ The medical acrylic adhesive allows the skin to breathe, is safe to use and protects the skin from rashes or irritation.

✔ The kinesiotape from Tmax is water resistant so that it also remains stuck while showering or swimming.

✔ Kinesiology tape supports the pain and swelling.

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How does the preparation of an overloaded wrist taping work?

Before you start taping the wrist you need to completely depilate the arm. In addition, the skin is clean and a good pair of scissors must be present. The tape will improve blood flow in the wrist and relieve pain. This leads to rapid recovery from any swelling and better stabilization in the wrist joint. Taping the wrist independently is a profession in itself. We therefore strongly recommend that you have this done by a physiotherapist. Do you intend to do this yourself? Then take a look below at how this works.

Do you want to tap the wrist injury independently?

When applying the type of tape, kinesiology tape from Tmax is preferred. Tmax kinesio tape is a 160% elastic sports tape that you can easily apply. This way, the joint injury is pushed into the right position. By giving the right compression on the wrist, further stress is prevented and the healing process will accelerate. Below is further explained how to apply the tape independently.

  1. To tap your wrist in the right way you need 2 pieces of tape.
  2. The first piece of tape must be attached to the back of your hand.
  3. This should then run through to the palm of your hand and end on the inside of your forearm on the side of your thumb.
  4. To go from the back of your hand to your palm you need to make sure that you cut 2 holes in the tape for your waist and ring finger.
  5. Then take the second piece of tape and stick it around your wrist to ensure stability.
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Frequently asked questions about the overloaded wrist taping

Hoe tape je een overbelaste pols?

Leg 1 lange en 1 korte strook aan. De lange strook loopt van de achterkant van de hand tot aan de onderarm. De korte strook wordt om de pols gewikkeld voor extra versteviging en ondersteuning.

Welke tape raden onze fysiotherapeuten aan?

Kinesiologie tape van Tmax wordt ten zeerste aangeraden door onze fysiotherapeuten. De tape is 160% elastisch, waterbestendig en blijft 5 tot 7 dagen op de huid zitten.