What is an overloaded wrist?

With an overload of the wrist, there is strong irritation in the connective tissue around the wrist. This includes the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the wrist joint. In most cases, the pain is on the pinky side of the wrist. As with a bruised wrist, moving the wrist causes pain complaints, but there is no swelling around the wrist joint.

How can an overloaded wrist occur?

An overloaded wrist can occur in several ways. In most situations, the wrist injury occurs due to too much load for a long time. This is particularly common when performing heavy or monotonous work. An overload in the wrist can mainly be a burden when you work most with the arms or use them. In particular, daily actions, such as opening a door, are limited by this. When you have suffered an overloaded wrist, this is not visible at first. The pain is palpable, is caused from the inside out.

What symptoms are known to an overloaded wrist?

When there is an overloaded wrist, various complaints can occur. These are complaints that often come back in the performance of daily actions.

The symptoms that are recognizable with the wrist injury:

  • Pain in the wrist in resting position and when moving.
  • Nagging pain when bending and stretching the wrist.
  • Swelling and bruising of the wrist.
  • Restriction of the wrist.

How can you treat an overloaded wrist?

An overloaded wrist is best treated by giving the joint sufficient rest. In addition, it is important to immediately cool the wrist injury with ice. This reduces the swelling and numbing the pain. To prevent incorrect movements from being made during the rest period, it is wise to wear a brace. A brace helps to keep the wrist in the right position, making movements easier to perform. In addition, it is also an option to tap into your wrist for extra support and perform exercises to build muscle strength.

What does a wrist brace provide?

A brace ensures that the wrist is stabilized from the outside. In this way, the tendons and muscles in the wrist get enough rest to be able to heal properly.

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Taping in an overloaded wrist: is this possible?

There are many advantages when taping the wrist. The biggest advantage is the acceleration in the recovery process. The tape will place your wrist in the right position. This allows the wrist to rest better and is less loaded.

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Exercises for an overload of the wrist

Exercises are very important for an overloaded wrist. For example, exercises ensure that the muscles and tendons do not become stiff due to too much rest. In addition, the exercises stimulate recovery in the wrist.

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Frequently asked questions about the wrist injury

Wat is een overbelaste pols?

Bij een overbelaste pols is de kans groot dat er een ontsteking is ontstaan in een pees van de pols.

Hoe wordt een overbelaste pols behandeld?

Stop direct met sporten en koel de pols de eerste paar dagen een aantal keer. Daarbij zorgen hulpmiddelen als tape en braces voor extra ondersteuning. Bezoek tot slot een fysiotherapeut en laat het nader controleren.

Welke oefeningen bieden hulp bij een blessure aan de pols?

Benieuwd welke oefeningen u voor herstel kunt uitvoeren in de juiste vorm? Dan verwijzen wij u naar onze oefeningen pagina.

Hoe tape je een polsblessure?

Ons advies is om uw gewrichtsblessure in te tapen bij een fysiotherapeut. Wilt u dit zelfstandig aanleggen, doe dit dan met kinesiologie tape van Tmax en lees op de tape pagina hoe dit in zijn werking gaat.