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Have you contracted a sprained ankle? Our ankle braces can reduce the complaints of pain and overexertion.

What is a sprained ankle?

A sprained ankle is the name for the ankle injury that is sustained when you go through your ankle. You can go both on the inside and the outside go through your ankle. It is a common injury in the sports world, for example, it is one of the most common injuries in both football and basketball. When this happens, your ankle ligaments are stretched, partly torn or even completely torn off. This is followed by a collection of nasty complaints.


How should you treat a sprained ankle?

Immediately after an accident you have to make sure that you keep your ankle high and treatit with ice. Make sure you get the ice cream inhold directly against your skin by means of a towel, do this 15 minutes at a time. This reduces both swelling and pain. Do this the first 3 days, if you still can’t stand, contact your physiotherapist. What should you do when your ankle stays fat? You can read that on the “sprained ankle remains thick” page!

Brace for a sprained ankle

A brace ensures that the ankle is stabilized from the outside. This ensures that the tendons and muscles in the ankle get enough rest to heal properly. Without this rest and stability, it takes an awfully long time for the ankle to heal. Without protection, the chance that you move incorrectly or go through your ankle and the pain worsens is much greater.

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Do you have to walk on crutches when an ankle sp ankle spration?

With an ankle sp spration, it is wise to walk with crutches, so you ensure that you do not overload your ankle. Because of the crutches, you do not have to put your weight on your ankle. After surgery on a torn ankle ligament, it is also advisable to walk with crutches for the first few weeks so as not to overload the ankle.

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Sprained ankle taping: how is that possible?

There are several reasons to only tap in when it is sprained. Tape ensures that this missing support is partly filled. In addition, the weather provides stability in the ankle. Keep in mind that you can only tap a sprained ankle when the swelling has disappeared. Press the button if you want to find out how to do it yourself!

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Exercises for ankle spration

There are several sprained ankle exercises but these all end up having the same purposes. Namely healing and strengthening your ankle. We distinguish between 3 different groups of exercises. These consist of mobility, stability and strength exercises. Read here what the sprained ankle exercises look like.

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Just sprained, now what?

You should immediately hold your foot up to ensure that the blood is not drained to the swelling. In addition, you should cool immediately after you have sprained the ankle. You can do this by means of an ice pack or ice cubes with a tea towel. You can then try to strain the sprained ankle. If this is not the case, contact your physiotherapist or general practitioner. If this is the case, chances are that you have only sprained the ankles.

Do I need crutches for a sprained ankle?

With an ankle sp spration, it is wise to walk with crutches, so you ensure that you do not overload your ankle. Because of the crutches, you do not have to put your weight on your ankle. After surgery on a torn ankle ligament, it is also advisable to walk with crutches for the first few weeks so as not to overload the ankle.

Can you bandage a sprained ankle?

The moment you sprain the ankle, a swelling will occur. You can counteract this swelling by bandaging your sprained ankle. A bandage causes pressure on the ankle. This allows the fluid to be drained more easily, which will reduce the swelling. This allows you to pick up the sports and daily activities faster.

What’s the difference with a bruised ankle?

With an ankle spoust, there is an injury to the ankle ligaments, causing a swelling on the ankle. Walking is not impossible, but it does hurt a lot. A bruised ankle, on the other hand, is accompanied by lighter complaints. A swelling may occur, however, this is not always the case. The swelling will disappear after a few days. The difference can also be clearly seen by a bruise. In case of a sprain, a bruise will take place and with a bruised ankle it remains with pain complaints and any swelling.

Have you sprained or sprained the ankle, and what’s the difference?

When you have a sprained ankle, the damage is limited; the ankle is no more than a little swollen and hurts at most for a few days. After this you can use the ankle again fully for daily and sporting activities. If one or more ligaments are stretched or damaged, it is a sprain. The pain is a stiffer than with a sprain, the sprained ankle no longer functions optimally and a targeted treatment is needed.

What activities can I continue to perform with a sprained ankle?

If you sprain your ankle, you will not be able to perform all the activities just like that anymore. Especially sports activities but also daily activities where the ankle is taxed. You can think of cycling, driving a car, shopping, walking or climbing stairs. Contact your physical therapist to discuss what activities you can and cannot perform. This ensures that the sprained foot can recover in the right way.

Can you drive with a sprained ankle?

At the moment that you experience little to no complaints, it is possible to drive a car. However, you must be able to carry out all operations in traffic (think of being able to brake or accelerate in time). If this is not the case, it is recommended that you wait a while longer. If you choose to drive a car with a sprained foot, make sure that you are not insured for damage or injury with most insurances.

Can you ride a bike with a sprained ankle?

When the swelling has subsided a bit, it is possible to cycle. This is even recommended to you, as cycling has a positive impact on the recovery process of the sprained ankle. Cycling is less stressful than walking or running, so you are less likely to make the injury worse. However, make sure that you can carry out all transactions safely. Think of braking, getting off or putting force with your foot. If you are not sure if you can already cycle, contact your physiotherapist.

Frequently asked questions about ankle sping

Wat is een verstuikte enkel?

Een verstuikte enkel gebeurt meestal wanneer je voet naar binnen of buiten klapt(meestal naar binnen). De band aan de buitenkant van je enkel (de enkelband) komt dan onder spanning te staan en rekt uit en/of scheurt.

Wat is de oorzaak van een verstuikte enkel?

Een verstuikte enkel ontstaat wanneer je je verstapt en je voet zijwaarts kantelt. Dit gebeurt bijvoorbeeld wanneer je op een oneven grond loopt en je je verstapt in een kuil of wanneer je niet ziet dat je van een stoeprand afloopt.

Wat zijn de symptomen van een verstuikte enkel?

  • Pijn in de enkel
  • Na ongeval volgt al heel snel een zwelling
  • Soms verkleurt deze ook nog wanneer er ook bloedvaten scheuren.
  • Je kunt niet meer lopen of met heel veel pijn