Braces in case of tendonitis in the foot

Do you suffer from tendonitis in the foot and do you want to steer the recovery process in the right direction with a night splint? Then buy now the night splint that the physiotherapist recommends.


What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis is an irritation in the transition between muscle and bone (tendon) which is often caused by overexertion or underexertion. Muscles are attached to bones with tendons and if a muscle is used a lot and the tendon is therefore under a lot of strain, it can become overloaded. There are small cracks in the tendon that cause you pain when you tighten the muscle. In the foot, the most common tendonitis is Heel Spurs. 1 in 10 people sometimes suffers from Heel Spurs in their lifetime.

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How can I treat tendonitis in the foot?

Tendon complaints recover on their own, but sometimes the recovery from tendonitis can take months to years. However, this recovery can be facilitated by a proper combination of resting, putting the foot up, cooling and movement. You need to apply this movement at your own level so that you avoid overloading. Thanks to this movement, the blood flow and thus the recovery will improve again. You should build up the degree of movement step by step until you no longer have any complaints and are injury-free.

Which brace works well against tendonitis in the foot?

To relieve the muscles and tendons in your foot and to give protection, you can wear a brace. Braces for tendonitis in the foot ensure that you give the tendon rest and that it is not overloaded. You do need to know what complaint you have, so that you use the right brace for your foot. If you do not know which brace to use, please contact the Brace Specialist so that we can help you choose the right brace.

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Can I tap a tendonitis in my foot?

There are several ways to treat tendonitis in the foot. One of those ways is taping. The use of tape can help to reduce the symptoms and prevent further overload if you plan to strain the tendon. Cure tape or kinesiotape is currently used for this. This colored tape supports and reduces pain, but also ensures better blood flow to the skin. This results in a faster recovery process.

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What exercises help against tendonitis in the foot?

After contracting tendonitis in your foot, it is important to perform exercises so that you do not lose strength on your foot. However, it is just as important to know when to take rest so that you avoid overloading. To ensure that the tendon in your foot recovers optimally, we have set up a number of exercises for you to make the foot stronger again. It is important that when you feel pain, you immediately stop the exercises.

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Buy a night splint?

If you have found the night splint you want, order it easily in our webshop. Pay close attention to the right size, and whether it is for the left or right foot. If you have any questions about a product, or you do not know which night splint is suitable for you, you can contact the physiotherapists of Brace-Specialist for a suitable brace.