Which braces does our physiotherapist recommend in case of tendonitis in the shoulder?

When contracting tendonitis in the shoulder, braces are experienced as the best support tool during the recovery process. At the Brace Specialist, the offer is divided into braces for sporty and general use. The product range is composed on the basis of impressions by our physiotherapists. They are willing to provide you with the right knowledge and information so that we can give you the necessary advice in the field of recovery and use. This way we will jointly arrive at the shoulder brace that applies to your injury!

How do shoulder braces contribute to the recovery of tendonitis?

With a high degree of pain in the shoulder joint, it is important to steer the recovery process in the right direction. Braces for tendonitis in the shoulder provide additional help to soften and speed up the recovery process. They provide support and protection in the joint, which gives the shoulder joint more rest. This results in a faster recovery process and faster load on the shoulder. Shoulder braces that our physiotherapists recommend are: … for general use. For sporting use, preference is given to ….

When is a shoulder brace recommended?

There are a number of factors that indicate whether wearing a brace is in place. This includes the nature of the complaint, movements made with the arm and the degree of palpable pain. In addition, consult with your physiotherapist whether it is also necessary for you to use a brace.

Nature of the complaint

Does the tendonitis in the shoulder fall under a temporary or chronic complaint? This can be both, namely due to too little rest and too much overload, it can become a long-term injury. However, with the right treatment method, the injury does not last long. This means that you should put the brace on a daily basis for several hours on a daily basis. In addition, exercises on the advice of the physiotherapist are important to follow up.

Exercising movements

When you feel dull or stabbing pain at the shoulder joint, a brace is the tool that softens this pain in a natural way. It protects the shoulder from further forms of instability, pain and swelling in the joint. In addition, the brace allows minimal shoulder movements. You can also choose to tap the shoulder.

Degree of pain

The level of pain indicates the severity of the injury and which brace belongs to it. The shoulder brace will be worn at all times during activities that cause this pain. Think of lifting heavy objects, holding objects or movements with your arm.

Buy a shoulder brace for your tendonitis?

Do you want to buy a shoulder brace? That is possible with the Brace Specialist! Our product range of shoulder braces has been compiled on the advice of physiotherapists. These tools support the inflamed shoulder joint throughout the recovery process. The braces are subdivided for general and sporting use. For general use, the …. brace apply. For athletes, the .. suitable support resources. You can buy the shoulder braces through our webshop. Here you can give preference in the model and size.

Frequently asked questions about shoulder braces for tendonitis

Waar dienen schouderbraces voor?

De braces geven effectiviteit en ondersteuning aan het schoudergewricht. Ze stabiliseren de schouder de gehele dag en verminderen daarmee de pijn van de ontsteking. Dit maakt de bewegingen van de schouder stukken gemakkelijker.

Zijn de schouderbraces wasbaar?

Schouderbraces zijn wasbaar en kunt u zonder problemen wassen op maximaal 30 graden Celsius in de wasmachine op het fijne wasprogramma of middels handwas. Voor een zo lang mogelijke levensduur is het echter wel van belang om de brace na gebruik eerst te laten drogen voordat u deze weer opbergt.

Van welk materiaal zijn de schouderbraces gemaakt?

De braces van Push bestaat uit Sympress en is Neopreen- en latexvrij