Taping tendonitis with kinesiology tape

With tendonitis, extra compression with kinesiotape is a good addition to a shoulder brace and a lot of rest. By infusing a tendonitis into the shoulder, the current injury is supported and protects the shoulder from further injuries in the future. In addition, the extra compression ensures an accelerated recovery period from the injury.

Tape the tendonitis yourself into your shoulder

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Which kinesiotape is best to use to tap your shoulder?

When you choose to lay the tape independently, it is wise to have the right tape at hand. Standard tape can cause skin damage in several cases. Kinesio tape from Tmax is known as good tape. It is easy to apply independently and remove it, so that skin damage is not an issue. In addition, Tmax kinesiology tape is made of elastic material, making shoulder movements easy to perform. However, the way kinesio tape is applied is not always immediately good.

The benefits of Tmax kinesiotape

Why do our physiotherapists recommend the kinesiology tape from Tmax? Of all the brands that offer kinesio tape, our physiotherapists come to the conclusion that Tmax brings the most benefits.

✔ Tmax kinesiology tape consists of 160% elasticity, which makes the extensibility very smooth and large.

✔ 96% of the Tmax kinesiotape consists of cation, which improves blood flow in the joint.

✔ The medical acrylic adhesive allows the skin to breathe, is safe to use and protects the skin from rashes or irritation.

✔ The kinesiotape from Tmax is water resistant so that it also remains stuck while showering or swimming.

✔ Kinesiology tape supports the pain and swelling.

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If you have tendonitis in the shoulder, you can tap it

With tendonitis in the shoulder, it is important to carefully restore this. Taping the ankle with the help of kinesio tape provides reinforcement in the ankle, while you lose little freedom of movement. The ankle can be taped in case of ankle instability, but also for prevention during exercise. The tape remains on the skin for up to a week, even when showering. In addition, kinesiology tape of Tmax reduces pain, contributes to the drainage of fluid and improving function. The way in which you have to tap the ankle ligament in the event of a strain applies the same for a torn ankle ligament. How this works can be found below.

How to tape a tendonitis in the shoulder with Tmax kinesiology tape?

When independently taping tendonitis in the shoulder, it is important to follow a number of steps so that you properly treat the injury. Especially with severe complaints such as tendonitis, this can only make the complaint worse. A tape can be applied in different ways and muscles. Below are the steps the Brace Specialist recommends to follow:

  • First, apply the tape in a Y-shaped manner. Then lay the bottom part of the tape without tension with the Y facing upwards.
  • After that, it is important to hold the arm up at an angle of 90 degrees. Apply the Y straps without pressure.
  • Then place your hand on your back so that you can apply the two tape
  • Finally, you can apply the second tape, also in Y form. This will take you in 75% both ways (as can be seen in the video above).
  • Make sure that you do not stretch the tape completely at the end, leaving a lot of tension on it. The tape should be somewhat stuck at normal voltage.
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Frequently Asked Questions about tendonitis shoulder taping

Hoe tape je een peesontsteking in de schouder?

Een peesontsteking in de schouder tape je met kinesiologie tape. De bedoeling is dat er een band in Y-vorm wordt aangebracht vanaf de voorkant van de schouder, doorlopend naar achter.

Welke tape raden onze fysiotherapeuten aan?

Kinesiologie tape van Tmax wordt ten zeerste aangeraden door onze fysiotherapeuten. De tape is voorzien alle mogelijkheden wat je van een tape mag verwachten.

Hoe ziet een goede voorbereiding eruit voordat je gaat tapen?

Zorg ervoor dat de schouder volledig onthaard en schoon is, gebruik een geschikte schaar voor het doorknippen van tape en kies voor kinesiologie tape. Daarnaast is het verstandig om iemand anders te laten tapen, zodat de tape op de juiste plek zit.