Tennis arm brace

Suffering from irritations in the elbow? Then chances are you’ve contracted a tennis arm. To treat these irritations, the brace specialist offers the right tennis arm braces. Do you have questions about our products or their application? Don’t hesitate and contact our customer service. Our physiotherapists are ready for all your questions.

What is a tennis arm?

With a tennis arm, the outer part of the elbow is irritated. At this point, the forearm muscles are attached to your elbow. While performing certain movements you may be in pain. This pain can also radiate to the forearm. The tennis elbow is most common in people between the age of 40 and 50.

Possible complaints to a tennis elbow

Tennis-poor complaints can be recognized mainly by:

  • Pain at pinching of the hand
  • Load when screws are inserted
  • Pain when squeezing towels, for example
  • Difficulty in lifting
  • Pain in backhand stroke in tennis

Also, the pressure on the outer elbow lump is often very painful. Are you unsure if there are tennis arm complaints? Do not hesitate and contact our physiotherapists.

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How can you treat a tennis arm?

You can treat a tennis arm in multiple ways. Start with yourself by keeping the muscles strong and supple. You do this by applying stretching and stretching exercises. In addition to making the muscles stronger, they are warm at the same time. This prevents the sensitivity to injuries. Make enough use of rest and breaks so that the elbow is not continuously stressed. If there is an injury, contact a physiotherapist and make an appointment. They specialize in the right knowledge when it comes to muscle recovery per person.

Tennis arm taping: how do you do that?

There are several ways to soothe the pain of a tennis elbow. Wearing a tennis arm brace for compression and pain reduction is our advice. Another option is to tapa tennis arm. The effectiveness of tape is less than of a brace, as it gives less compression and softening. Still, it gives some support to the arm. When choosing a brace or tape, we always recommend using a brace for extra support and protection.

A tennis elbow brace is the solution to the injury!

When you suffer from a tennis arm, a brace is the best solution! The brace specialist offers several tennis arm braces of the best quality! Why a brace is the right support for you? First, it is very important to prevent your arm from becoming stiff. Therefore, it is important to keep moving normally as much as possible, even when it hurts. So don’t wear a sling. When movements hurt it is important to do this gradually. In addition, it is useful to see if you can perform this movement in a different position with less pain when a certain movement hurts.

In addition, you can also make yourself easy and comfortable by wearing a brace that is intended for this purpose. This ensures that you can continue to move with less pain while the brace ensures that the elbow can also recover. Braces that are suitable for this can be found above like the BioSkin Tennis Sleeve elbow brace.

Which tennis arm exercises are effective for recovery?

If you are looking for the best tennis arm exercises, we recommend you visit a physiotherapist. This examines the injury and then gives you insight of the exercises. The advice of the physiotherapist is based on professional knowledge and will help you for a speedy recovery. That is why we advise you to inform a physiotherapist when you need tennis arm exercises.

Push elbow braces are only available for function recovery

Push Med Elbow Brace Epi provides a solution during treatment and prevention of a joint injury. This is done thanks to the right combination of pressure and support. Push Med Elbow Brace Epi increases the physical loadability of the joint. A good fit and a proper balance in mechanical support and adjustable pressure allow treatment and prevention of injury. Thanks to Push Med, the pain is relieved, which increases the physical loadability of the joint.

Brace elbow buy?

At Brace Specialist you will find several braces for a tennis arm. For example, BioSkin Elbow Brace tennis sleeve. This brace is specially designed to reduce symptoms. It is made of a breathable fabric that provides compression. In addition, the tennis arm brace is very comfortable to use and has an extra elastic band. This band can be placed in the most painful place as desired. This ensures comfortable recovery.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a muscle injury in which the outer elbow bump has become irritated. This is connected to the forearm muscles that also experience this irritation.

What are the causes for tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is caused by overloading the elbow. Repeating a movement in the elbow too many times can result in a tennis elbow.

What symptoms does tennis elbow have?

Symptoms of a tennis elbow include experiencing pain when you squeeze the hand, turn the forearm out, or bend the wrist back.

How can you treat tennis elbow?

The recovery of a tennis elbow is automatic. Cooling with ice can help for a faster recovery of the elbow.

In which situations can tennis elbow occur the fastest?

Tennis elbow complaints can appear particularly quickly at work.

Which exercises are effective for tennis elbow?

The most important thing with a tennis elbow is to get enough rest so that it can recover easily. If you still need exercise, visit a physiotherapist.

How can tennis elbow be prevented?

Keep the muscles flexible, strong and warm. Take advantage of breaks and rest and support resources as needed.

The tennis elbow brace is an effective aid?

Tennis arm braces provide extra compression and protection of the elbow. It makes movement easier and supports it at the same time.