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Have you suffered tennis elbow? Our elbow braces can reduce the symptoms of pain and overexertion.

What is tennis elbow?

A tennis elbow or tennis arm is the most common condition of the elbow. It is an inflammation or irritation at the level of the attachment of the tendons to the outside of the elbow. At this point, the forearm muscles are attached to your elbow. The medical name is epicondylitis lateralis. This condition is most common in people between 40 and 50 years old.


How can you treat tennis elbow?

There are several ways to treat this injury. There are both operative and non-operative methods. Often surgery is not necessary because 90% of all cases the combination of non-operative treatments are sufficient for quick recovery. If the pain becomes too severe, you can still choose to do an operation.

Brace for tennis elbow

A tennis elbow brace ensures that the pressure on the tendons is better distributed. This supports the elbow well and reduces the pain complaints. This support and pain reduction accelerates the recovery process. Do you want to know what the best tennis elbow brace is for your need? Then click on the button below.

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Elbow injury taping: how is that possible?

By tapping a tennis elbow you lower the pressure on the tendons and muscles. This provides more stability. In addition, it promotes the recovery process because the tendons and muscles can now get more rest. Tape is a good temporary solution because it can be applied fairly quickly and still has a lot of impact. You can also tap a tennis elbow yourself! If you want to know how to do that, click on the button below.

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Tennis elbow exercises

Tennis elbow exercises help to a faster recovery process from the arm injury. The exercises also ensure pain reduction, support and extra protection. Through the exercises, the muscles and tendons become stronger, making them less susceptible to injury. Do you want to know which tennis elbow exercises are involved? Then click on the button below.

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What is the effect of massaging my tennis elbow?

If you suffer from tennis elbow, you can massage it to reduce the pain complaints. Massaging ensures that the blood flow to the muscles and tendons are stimulated. This allows nutrients to get to the irritated spot faster, so that it recovers faster. Energy flows and immune processes are also stimulated by massaging, so that the irritation will calm down faster.

What is the recovery time of tennis elbow?

How long it takes for the tennis elbow to be treated is hard to say. Normally, a recovery of 3 to 4 weeks is minimal, however, it often happens that the pain lasts longer. If you still suffer after 6 weeks, a treatment from a physiotherapist is necessary. Some people can suffer from this for a long time, because the complaints can even last 6 months to 2 years. 8 out of 10 people who suffer from a tennis elbow repair within one year.

Can I perform strength training in tennis elbow?

Rest is the most important thing in tennis elbow. When you have kept enough rest, you can quietly build up taxes. This can be done through strength training. Strength training ensures an increased chance of recovery and strength is gained in the forearm muscles. This allows you to put a longer tension on your muscles and joints, so that you are less likely to experience pain complaints. Make sure that you do not overload the muscles, then you are back to finish.

How can I test my tennis elbow?

There are several tests you can do to find out if you suffer from tennis elbow. Below the Brace Specialist has listed the three best best so that you are sure whether you suffer from this injury. If you experience pain during these tests, you will most likely suffer from a tennis arm, and it is wise to contact your physiotherapist.

  1. Tennis elbow test: With an outstretched arm, the back of the hand of which points upwards, pick up a chair.
  2. Cozen’s test:Keeps your elbow stretched and your forearm in full pronation. Then hold your wrist in resistance turned in opposite directions.
  3. Maudsley’s test: Keeps your arm and middle finger outstretched, and gives resistance to this finger through down. Be sure to put pressure upwards with the middle finger, so that resistance is created.

What is the difference between a tennis arm brace and tennis arm bandage?

Braces and bandages are tools to treat tennis elbow. However, there is a difference between these two tools. The difference is that bandages are suitable for minor complaints and therefore also offer light support to the tennis elbow. The elbow braces, on the other hand, are made of harder fabric, are adjustable so that you can give the desired compression to the tennis arm yourself. As a result, you will be supported in a comfortable way with movements.

What is the best sleeping position for tennis elbow?

The moment you want to go to sleep at night with your tennis elbow, this can cause a lot of pain. It is therefore important to sleep in the right position. This reduces the pain complaints when getting up in the morning and you can get up with less stiffness. While sleeping, make sure that your arms are under your shoulder (so arms up to a 90 degree angle). In addition, it is important that when you lie down on your side, you should not lie down on your arm. This causes entrapment and can only cause more pain complaints.

Can I enter the sickness law with tennis elbow?

It often happens that the symptoms are already present but there is too long to wait with a treatment. The consequence of this is that the symptoms only increase and that you will be stuck at home for a while. That is why it is important to quickly raise the alarm in case of minor complaints, to ensure that you do not end up on the sidelines for a long time. However, it is possible that you are late, and you will get into the sickness law. A tennis arm may take a while for it to fully heal in, check with your physical therapist to see what is applicable to you!

How can I work with tennis elbow?

Working with tennis elbow can be difficult when you experience a lot of pain complaints. When you want to resume your work, a brace can be the right tool to build up load slowly. A brace ensures that pressure is gradually built up on the forearm so that you do not fully load it. In addition, it is important that you look for solutions with your employer. Perhaps there are opportunities where you put less strain on your arm and your employer would like to cooperate with this.

When is tennis elbow surgery the order of the day?

An operative treatment on the tennis elbow is the last option when treatment by a physiotherapist does not reduce the pain complaints. You can also first choose to use medicines in combination with sufficient rest. This can reduce the pain symptoms in most cases. If this is not the case, you can opt for a brace. The brace ensures that there is less load on the elbow, so that the tennis elbow can recover faster. If this does not help, you can still opt for an injection or puncture of the bone and the tendon attachment (Needling).

Frequently asked questions about the elbow injury

Wat is een tenniselleboog?

Bij een tennisarm is het buitenste gedeelte van de elleboog geïrriteerd. Op dit punt zitten de onderarmspieren aan uw elleboog vast. De tenniselleboog komt het meeste voor bij mensen tussen de 40 en de 50 jaar.

Wat is de oorzaak van een tenniselleboog?

Een tenniselleboog ontstaat door een combinatie van overbelasting en degeneratie van de pees die aan de buitenzijde van de elleboog zit. Dit kan gebeuren op je werk maar het kan ook zeer zeker veroorzaakt worden door bepaalde sportactiviteiten.

Wat zijn de symptomen van een tenniselleboog?

  • Pijn in de buitenkant van je elleboog
  • Pijn wanneer je je hand dichtknijpt
  • Pijn wanneer je iets vastpakt
  • Moeite bij het tillen van objecten