Braces for torn ankle ligament

Did you get a torn ankle ligament? Then you will find the best support tools at the brace specialist! Push’s ankle braces provide proper compression and ankle protection. This relieves the pain at the tear so that actions in the foot can be performed more easily. In short, a valuable addition to the foot!

What is a torn ankle ligament?

There are all kinds of sinewy tires running through the foot. With a torn ankle ligament, the foot has been tilted, causing these ligaments to be torn. This often causes swelling on and under the ankle. Often this also goes along with a bruising.

What are the symptoms of a torn ankle ligament?

If you tear your anklet completely, this usually does not hurt immediately. However, when you partially tear off your anklet, this can hurt a lot. This usually leads to swelling on and under the ankle. In addition, there may be a bruising, which is expressed in a red discoloration on the base or under the ankle.

What are the causes of a torn ankle ligament?

The biggest cause for getting a torn ankle ligament is a major slip or a fall. These are unexpected, uncontrollable movements. This can occur due to an uneven terrain or sports field, such as skewed tiles or uneven lawn, which causes an uncontrolled movement as it occurs by going through your ankle.

Recovery process for a torn ankle ligament

In order to recover as well as possible from a torn ankle ligament, it is important to treat it properly. Just after the occurrence of the injury, it is important to cool immediately, so that the size of the swelling is limited. The torn ankle ligament can heal within six weeks. In the first few weeks you may experience a lot of pain or pain but this usually disappears again after a few weeks. To have the ankle healed properly it is wise to use tools. We recommend the use of a brace that is suitable for this purpose. Like the Push Sports single brace 8 or the other items listed at the top. By using it, you can continue to strain your foot and the ankle ligaments get enough rest to recover.

Can you drive with a torn ankle ligament?

After the treatment of a torn ankle ligament it is possible to drive the car. For this, it is necessary that arms and legs are fully usable. With a torn ankle strap and wearing an ankle brace, that is not the case. The general rule is that you can drive safely when operations can be done without tools (6 to 8 weeks after surgery). If there are uncertainties about driving, we advise you not to do so.

What exercises help against a torn ankle ligament?

It is important to keep moving your ankle properly when possible. The ankle will also have to recover physically. For recovery from a torn ankle ligament there are exercises that can help you get started. These exercises are further described in the blog post. This helps to strengthen the ankle, promote approachability and stability. Make sure that the exercises are preferably exercised 5 to 10 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid any pain, but try to move forward every day.

Below is an example exercise:

Exercise 1

  • Stand upright with your legs slightly apart
  • Slowly drop through the knees until it can’t continue. Keep the back stretched and the heels on the ground.
  • Do this for 5 seconds.

Are you looking for multiple exercises that speed up the recovery of the ankle? Read our blog post!

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What is a torn ankle bracelet?

A torn ankle ligament is when the tendon ligaments of the ankle knots are torn.

How does a torn ankle bracelet occur?

A torn ankle strap mainly occurs with unexpected movements of the foot. This could include a major misstep or fall.

How can you recognize a torn ankle bracelet?

With a torn ankle strap, you will feel a lot of pain in every movement of the foot. You can often recognize a tear in the ankle ligament by swelling and bruising.

What are ankle braces for?

The braces provide effectiveness and support to the ankle. They stabilize the foot throughout the day and thus reduce the pain of the crack. This makes the movements of the foot much easier.

What is the recovery process for a torn ankle bracelet?

Start cooling the injury immediately so that the swelling is limited. Subsequently, tools can be an added value to speed up the recovery process. In addition, exercises for physical recovery of the ankle help.

Can you drive with a torn ankle bracelet?

This is not possible. The arms and legs must be fully deployable to drive a car. This is not the case with a torn ankle bracelet, so driving is prohibited.

How can you prevent a torn ankle strap?

Always pay attention to where and how you walk, wear flat shoes with wide soles, check the movements you need to make while exercising and apply support bandages where necessary.

Are there exercises for a torn ankle ligament?

There are several exercises that help promote the recovery of a torn ankle ligament. Via our injury page you can find a practice page that will promote the recovery of the ankle ligament.