Triggerfinger brace

Are you familiar with complaints related to a trigger finger? Then our finger splints offer the best help to you! Splint triggerfinger braces reduce pain and overload. In addition, the triggerfinger brace provides protection for new injuries. In short, the ideal tool for the triggerfinger!

What is a trigger finger?

The Triggerfinger, also called tenosynovitis stenosans or called a pigeonhole finger, is a common condition. Trigger finger is an irritation of the tendon sheath. One cause of this can be overload. This leads to local swelling in the tendon and / or narrowing. As a result, the normal, flexible conduction of the flexor tendon is very limited. To heal or recover from trigger finger it is recommended to wear a finger splint as much as possible. What is a finger splint? The trigger finger splint is an aid that limits overloading of the joint. The finger brace also stabilizes the finger so that the joint can recover.


How does trigger finger treatment work?

There are two different types of trigger finger treatments. A non-operative (conservative) treatment and an operative treatment.

Non-operative (conservative) treatment of trigger finger can be treated in various ways. The first treatment for a trigger finger is mainly to rest. You can only wait and see if the complaints go away on their own. If it turns out that the trigger finger is related to a particular action, follow-up steps are taken.

Another non-surgical treatment for trigger finger is anti-inflammatory drugs. It uses an injection with a combination of an anesthetic liquid and a powerful anti-inflammatory. After a maximum of three injections, the injection into the affected tendon damage provides long-term healing. The effect of an injection can be noticeable after a few days, but it takes about six works for maximum results.

A third possible solution for conservative treatment is trigger finger braces. A finger splint can help to rest the affected joint and stimulate the recovery of a trigger finger or trigger thumb. In addition, the trigger finger brace protects the joints from further complaints and makes it possible to perform additional actions.

Which trigger finger splint do we offer?

Lomed offers different types of splints from the Pro-orthic brand. The different types of splints are;

The Pro-orthic digisleeve finger splint is a trigger finger splint where two fingers can be positioned next to each other. The finger splint is used to speed up the healing process and prevent joint stiffness. In addition, the material provides a light compression and makes wearing this trigger finger brace very comfortable.

The Pro-orthic finger splint joint 8 is a trigger finger brace that stabilizes small joints in the finger. The finger splint has 3 different edges so that several conditions can be treated at the same time. In addition, the design of the trigger finger brace is open so that the skin remains clean and dry.

The Pro-orthic finger splint buddy splint is a trigger finger splint that is made of material with a soft anti-slip layer. This way, the skin continues to breathe when wearing the finger splint. In addition, the straps of the trigger finger brace consist of soft foam. This will keep the finger splint from rolling off the finger.

Thumb splint for trigger finger?

If you suffer from a trigger finger in the thumb, the finger splint can also be used as a thumb splint. The trigger finger thumb splint is easy to wear and put on. A thumb splint should be worn when the symptoms are actually experienced. Don’t wear the trigger finger thumb splint too often, otherwise the muscles won’t have a chance to recover on their own. As much as possible for optimal protection and recovery.

Trigger finger taping: how do you do that?

The trigger finger taping is possible when it becomes more mobile without feeling too much pain. Here kinesiology tape from Tmax can provide good support. This sports tape is elastic and easy to apply. In addition, kinesio tape gives the right amount of compression on the trigger finger and puts it in the right position. This is to speed up the recovery process. The difference with sports tape is that kinesio tape softens different movements of the trigger finger due to its elasticity. Would you like to know how the Tmax kinesio tape can be applied independently? Then read the blog post about triggerfinger taping.

What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger is known as a tendon irritation in the finger or thumb.

What is a trigger finger brace for?

A trigger finger brace reduces finger strain and pain. In addition, it protects the finger from new injuries.

Is there a difference between a trigger finger brace and a trigger finger splint?

There is no difference in the trigger finger brace and the trigger finger splint. They are the same products with a different name.

Can the trigger finger splint be used as a trigger finger thumb splint?

A trigger finger splint can be used for any finger, including a trigger finger thumb splint.

In which situations does trigger finger occur quickly?

Especially in places where you use your fingers repeatedly. Think of typing reports or while working behind the laptop.