Braces for carpal tunnel syndrome

Do you feel like you’ve contracted carpal tunnel syndrome? Then our wrist braces offer the best help for you! Carpal tunnel syndrome brace gives the right support to the wrist and contribute to a quick recovery. In addition, it prevents further overload due to the protection that the wrist braces provide. In short, the ideal tool for CTS!

What is Carpaal Tunnel Syndrome?

The carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a entrapment in the hand. It is located in the barrel to the forearm, at the level of the wrist. If this is the case, it can cause many complaints. The symptoms can consist of a dovig, tingling or moreover very painful feeling. This can make your fingers feel numb, making it easier to drop things out of your hands. This can be very frustrating. A carpal tunnel syndrome brace may be the solution for you.

What symptoms does carpal tunnel syndrome have?

When CTS is applied, there may be multiple complaints in the wrist. These are defects that affect daily actions.

Complaints related to carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • It can cause pain, anesthetic and tingling in and around the hand
  • Complaints in the hand may continue to the forearm
  • Sleep can be severely disrupted

These complaints can occur on both hands.


Carpal tunnel syndrome brace

When the carpal tunnel syndrome is clearly found in the wrist, support tools can help to reduce pain. This includes carpal syndrome braces. At the brace specialist we offer more than a carpal syndrome brace. Below you can read why this is the case.

When you suffer from CTS it is necessary to give wrist prevention and support. Carpal tunnel syndrome brace offer the best solution for this. They serve to relieve pain during recovery after surgery or as a bridge to surgery when you have to wait longer for this.

We offer 2 wrist braces that are of the best quality and provide the right support.

The BioSkin wrist brace DP2 is a functional brace that provides comfortable pain relief. In addition, the DP2 brace prevents new injuries or further overload. The special fabric ensures that the wrist remains cool and dry.

The Push med wrist brace is a multifunctional wrist brace that is very comfortable especially for CTS. The wrist brace offers a high level of quality, support and protection. The degree of compression can be set independently and the brace is easy to apply with one hand.

How do you recover from carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are a number of ways what the recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome looks like. The way this works depends on the doctor’s advice.

Waiting can be a choice. Here you choose to do nothing and the wrist to repair itself. This way you wait until the complaints pass by themselves.

Wearing a brace is the next option. A brace can reduce complaints and reduce the burden on daily activities. This is due to the compression and support that the braces give to the wrist.

Injection at CTS is possible. The doctor can give an injection with an anti-inflammatory. As a result, the complaints become less or disappear completely. Personally, we recommend braces, as we prefer natural recovery rather than medical recovery.

Surgery in CTS is only done if the above methods did not achieve the desired effect.

Exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome

If you experience CTS, it is wise to give the wrist with a brace the necessary protection. This way, the wrist relaxes, gets support and the recovery goes faster. In addition, exercises are good to perform for improving the recovery process.

In the video, 4 exercises that are of added value in the recovery of carpal tunnel syndrome are highlighted.

These exercises are:

  • Crochet fist exercise
  • Flat fist exercise
  • Whole fist exercise
  • Roof exercise

Curious about all the exercise we highlight in the field of CTS? Take a look at our injury page!

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a joint disease in which the nerve in the hand is pinched at the wrist.

How does carpal tunnel syndrome develop?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a pinching of a nerve in the hand. This can be caused by a heavy load or repetitive movements in the hand.


Symptoms of CTS can include a feeling of numbness, tingling or a very painful feeling. This can make the fingers feel numb and make things fall out of your hands more easily.

What are the braces for in carpal tunnel syndrome?

The CTS braces serve for pain relief and support during recovery after surgery or as a bridge to surgery when you have to wait longer for it.

How do you treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Waiting can be a choice, wearing a brace is an option, injection for CTS is possible and surgery when there is no other option.

Are there exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are plenty of exercises that help speed up the recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome. Based on our knowledge, the brace specialist has published an exercise page for faster recovery.