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Do you suffer from a ganglion? Our ankle braces and wrist braces can reduce the complaints of pain and overload.

What is a ganglion?

A visible and palpable bulge on the wrist, finger or foot is called a ganglion or ganglion cyst. The lump is caused by a bulge of the tendon sheath or of the capsule that surrounds a joint. A ganglion can differ in size, suddenly burst open or disappear spontaneously. The swelling is not considered malignant, but considered benign.

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How can you treat ganglion?

In order to properly enter into the recovery process of a ganglion cyst, it is important to treat it properly. When this nodule or tumour occurs, it is important to cool well right away. Thus, the size of the swelling will be limited. In some cases, the ganglion may disappear spontaneously or not cause any complaints. On the other hand, it can stay on and be experienced as a nuisance. To heal the lump in the wrist, foot or hand naturally, braces and tape from Tmax in combination with exercises can offer the right solution.

Do wrist braces provide enough help with a ganglion?

In most cases, you should give a ganglion the right support and prevention. Wrist braces can provide the swelling or the lump in the wrist with the right help. The braces provide enough compression to speed up the recovery process and prevent further injury. This results in pain reduction and faster recovery.

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Can you tap a swollen wrist?

There are a number of ways how to treat the ganglion. On the one hand, braces give the compression which reduces the swelling or lump. Another possibility is to tapthe ankle. Kinesiology tape from Tmax fits perfectly with this. The kinesio tape serves as extra support in addition to a brace to make the recovery process even faster.

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What exercises support a torn ankle ligament?

In addition to wrist braces and kinesiology taping, exercises are useful for recovery. Kinesio tape and wrist braces put pressure on the wrist, exercises help to strengthen the joint. Performing ganglion exercises is only possible when the wrist is ready for full load. By performing exercises, gradual muscle building will take place, so that the wrist muscles strengthen themselves and are less susceptible to further injury suffering.

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Can a ganglion disappear on its own?

A ganglion or cyst in the hand can disappear on its own, but the chance that it will come back is quite high. This depends entirely on how the hand is used. In addition, a ganglion can change size. This happens with some regularity and cannot be countered. Also, the ganglion can burst open, because of this the cyst will show inflammatory symptoms and a viscous fluid will come out of it. The cyst will then disappear completely, but will come back relatively quickly. Therefore, surgical treatment is best.

Is a ganglion hard?

The ganglion can show itself in different ways. For example, it may be that the cyst feels elastic or warm due to the amount of fluid that is in the cyst. However, it is also possible that the cyst feels extremely hard, just as hard as bone. In this case, the excessive fluid leads to an increased pressure in the cyst, which makes it feel hard.

Is a ganglion dangerous?

If you suffer from a ganglion, it is not dangerous to your health. However, ganglion can cause complaints. You can think of pain complaints, reduction of the freedom of movement and it gives a pulling feeling. In addition, it may also be that the cyst is clearly visible, which makes you feel less comfortable and wants to have it removed.

Frequently asked questions about a lump in the wrist

Wat is een ganglion?

Een zichtbaar en voelbaar bobbeltje aan de pols, vinger of voet wordt een ganglion genoemd.

Waar dienen polsbraces voor?

De braces geven effectiviteit en ondersteuning aan het gewricht. Ze geven compressie aan de pols waardoor de zwelling wordt verminderd.

Is een ganglion kwaadaardig of goedaardig?

Een ganglion cyste is in geen enkel geval kwaadaardig. Het is een goedaardig, onschuldig knobbeltje in het gewricht.

Zijn er oefeningen voor de zwelling?

Er zijn meerdere oefeningen die helpen om het herstel van een zwelling te bevorderen. Via onze blessurepagina kunt u een oefenpagina vinden die het herstel van de enkelband bevorderen.

Hoe kunt u een ganglion behandelen?

Een ganglion kan natuurlijk genezen middels een steunmiddel in combinatie met het uitvoeren van oefeningen.